05 October 2009

Blog Sale!

Well this will be one part interesting experiment and another part hope to hell it works because I need the cash!

My parents had a yard sale a few weeks ago and I didn't have the time to gather up any of the stuff I wanted/needed to unload. I used some of my me time last week and put it all together. It's a little late in the season to do another yard sale and I don't have enough stuff to do one on my own. So I'm throwing it all up on my blog, Craigslist, KSL, and Facebook for everyone to buy! I have some cool stuff! I just don't need it anymore. And I'm unemployed. So actual cash for bills is far more important right now.

So here's how it will work. I'll post a picture of each item, list any info I have on it, and an asking price. First come, first serve- cash only or PayPal. If you want something at a different price, let me know in the comment - I'm open to negotiations! You can also email me (meagenridley at gmail dot com) or text/call me if you know my number with questions. I don't mind shipping things as long as the buyer is willing to pay for it.

All of the items listed work and are in great condition. If you would like more pictures or close-ups just ask because I've got them ready to send to anyone interested. Happy shopping!
iMac G5 - $650
Screen is 17x11, comes with original keyboard. I purchased the new keyboard (shown) and will throw it in (instead of the original keyboard) for an additional $35 (retails at $49)
Comes with latest OS, Microsoft Office, and iLife 08, runs great perfect. I have a MacBook Pro and don't need both

Verizon Motorola Q Phone - $70 --SOLD--
Phone comes with extended battery, leather carrying case, 2 wall chargers, and brand new headset.

Kodak EasyShare CX7330 - $65
3.1mp / 3X zoom - Comes with original box and software and a 128MB SD card

iPod Video 30g - $150
White, original packaging and software, USB cord, 2 protective covers included

Garth Brooks The Limited Series Collectors Set - $15
Albums include: Double Live (2 discs), The Lost Sessions, Sevens, Scarecrow, and All Access Concert Disc. Comes in collectors case with 60 page book with color photos and lyrics to each album. - Seriously cool if you are GB fan!

New Puppy Pack - $110 for everything
If you are in the market for a new puppy, this is all stuff you'll have to buy. I will sell all of it together or each thing separately. If you'd like to purchase only one piece, just send me an email or comment with an offer.
Pack includes: Puppy exercise cage with locking door ($90 value) (the puppy cage has SOLD), 3 outfits (will fit a dog 5-8lbs), doggy liter boxes (2 sizes), 1/2 pack of puppy liter, 2 packs of training potty pads, food/water dish, puppy carrier (will hold a dog up to 25lbs)

Office Chair - $20 --SOLD--
Black leather office chair, very comfy! Those aren't blemishes on the bottom, I had just wiped the dust off the chair and it wasn't dry yet!

Laptop bag/purse - $7 --SOLD--
Never used laptop bag, lots of pockets for chargers, wallets, or business cards.

Green Laptop/Shoulder Bag - $7
This bag was used once and has lots of padding to protect your laptop. There are also pockets on the inside and out for other items.

Maroon Laptop Bag/Purse - $5 --SOLD--
The picture makes the bag look very pink, but it is actually a darker maroon.

Black Heals - $7
I bought these to wear to a wedding that I didn't end up attending so they are brand new. Size 7.5.

Vintage Lamp - $12
I love this lamp and purchased it from a vintage shop for over $40. But I don't have the space for it anymore. The lighting mechanism needs to be replaced (little thing where the light bulb goes) and it needs a new light bulb.


John Pender said...

I would so love to help you out and buy that iMac, but I am funneling all my money to the new motor and brakes in my Trans Am right now. :(

Brenda said...

payment plan?

brylie.muhlestein said...

I am actually in desperate need for a laptop bag! You are probably psychic since you put up 3 of them!
I love the maroon one I think. Are you still living by Kacee?

Meagen said...

No worries John, you'll be lovin life when you finally get that thing up and running again! You should post some pictures of your progress on it!

Mom - no payment plans. Sorry. I am a cash only biz.

Brylie! Of course I am psychic and knew you needed a bag! I am still by Kacee so you can come over and look at them anytime if you're interested. Just let me know! How big is your laptop so I can make sure it will fit in the maroon one (or others too)?

Jeff and Darlene said...

Hey you don't know me but I totally like your green laptop bag. I am one of Holli's friends if you want you can message me on facebook. Let me know. I have the cash. ^_^

Darlene Sosa Taylor

P.S maybe you can post more photos of that bag too.

Meagen said...

Hey Darlene,

I added you as a friend on FB and left you a message. There are more pictures of the green bag there.

Let me know if you are interested.


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