25 February 2011

I kinda want a Monroe...

What do you guys think? Probably move it to the left a bit. Cute?

22 February 2011


Blink 182 - Obvious

I saw you again
I think you used me again
Should we try this before
We give up and move on
And pretend to restore
What we have and hold on

At times like these
It's Obvious

I saw you again
I know you fucked him again
Can you comfort yourself
WITH the sense of revenge
Are you leaving me here
With the taste of the end,

At times like these
It's obvious (2x)

I saw you again and again and again
There's some room to move
On to move on to move on
And i saw you again and again and again
How do we fix this if we never had vision (repeated)

16 February 2011

No sampling please

Who exactly is sampling the dog treats at Winco? Sick dude.

15 February 2011


Twice in one week! I can't believe it! Kelvin had flowers waiting for me when I got off the plane in Sacramento this morning and they are really cute! I love that kid so much!

14 February 2011


Anonymous sent me some beautiful flowers today! I was so surprised when I saw them on the kitchen table this morning. At first I figured they were for Holli because she is a flower freak and I've never received flowers on Valentine's Day before. Then I looked at the card and saw my name! I really love them. The lemon in the bottom is so cool. I keep wanting to pull the flowers out to check out the lemon to see if it's real. Ha ha, I'm sure it is but I just have to know! Anyway, thank you who ever you are that sent them, they made my day.

11 February 2011


I can't sleep because I can't stop crying. I took my Macbook Pro and external hard drive to Simple Mac yesterday to have a few things looked at. They plugged everything in and told me the external hard drive was empty. Which means all the photos, music, movies, tv shows, and files I moved from my Macbook Pro to the external hard drive were gone. They suggested I take it to a data recovery place and IF they can find anything it will cost $1000. I was heartbroken, but I thought well I still have a lot of things on my laptop. Simply Mac called me again today to come pick it up and they said that the logic drive is failing and it doesn't have much longer before it will die. To fix the drive will be $1050. Now, I'm out my laptop, which I love.

To say that I'm heartbroken would be an understatement. I am devastated. All my pictures, all my memories from the last six years are just gone. All the photos of when my family was last together and happy as a family are gone. All my baseball summers are gone. The pictures of when I bought the Jeep. The pictures I took the day I bought Tonka. They're all gone. I am so devastated. Like I've said, everything that is a piece of what defines me as a person gets taken away (my family, my tan, my Jeep, my figure, and now my Mac and my memories.......

09 February 2011

Letters From Me

Dear external hard drive,

You were purchased so I could move all my photos, music, movies, shows, and files to you and then delete them from my laptop, giving it more space. You failed, horribly. You, for some unknown reason, threw out all my data and are now empty. You broke my heart. SERIOUSLY. You made me cry at Simply Mac. I hate you and will probably pull an Office Space on your ass.

Dear Moms with 14 kids in line at the grocery store,

Please SHUT THEM UP! Your little brat screaming at the very top of her lungs is not cute in any way shape or form. Shut her up. I don't care how you do it, just do it.

Deaf and frustrated, Meagen
Dear 65 year old senior citizen driver,

Please stop driving. I know you think you've still got it and everything will be fine, but it's really not. You drive 15 mph under the limit and you switch lanes like you're the only one on the road. Also, that little stick on the left side of the steering wheel is called a turn signal. USE IT.


Dear Target Pharmacy,

Dear Dentist,

You are a gouger. You charge outrageous prices to do mean things to my teeth. $250 to pull a tooth is so freaking insane.



08 February 2011


My tooth is killing me! Ughh. So about 8 months ago I had a crown fall off. It didn't break, it just fell off.  I haven't had a lot of extra cash to make a dentist appointment so, I just kept my crown and have been going about my business. I do my best to not chew on that side of my mouth and my tooth (or lack there of) hasn't bothered me until the last few days, but this morning I woke up to it KILLING me. It seriously hurts so much! I feel like my tooth has a heart beat. I've been putting ice chunks in my mouth and letting them melt around my tooth just to see if that will calm it down. And I know it must be bad since I take Lortab around the clock for my back and it's still hurting even with that in my system. I guess I can't put off a dental appointment any longer. Boo.

01 February 2011

The Career Effect

I have a new opportunity that I'm pretty excited about guys! It's this new site called The Career Effect.  It's a site for everything career related. People can discuss career transition, techniques for building the perfect resume or find potential jobs, etc. I'll be doing some blog posts there as things continue to move along in my own job search. If there is anything you want me to discuss there (or here on my personal blog) just let me know! Leave me a comment or shoot me a quick email (link at the left). I just put up my first post this morning so everyone go check out the site and tell me what you think!
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