31 March 2008

The Dangers of Steriods

Ohh this is great. Try to tell me it didn't make you laugh a little.

2008 Rosters

The Angels minor league affiliates, aka: Cedar Rapids Kernels, Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, Arkansas Travelers, and the SLC Bees FINALLY posted their opening day rosters!! YAY! Now I can see where all the baseball boys will be playing this year.

27 March 2008

Fast Food

It's GROSS. I can't eat it anymore. And I haven't in 3 months. Not one chicken nugget or a single french fry. It all started last Christmas. I was tasked to bring in lunch each day for everyone that would be working the few days following Christmas and before New Year's. So I brought lunch to roughly 20-25 people for 3 days. The first day was fine, I ordered pizza, no big deal. The next day, I brought in Jason's Deli (online food ordering is soo nice for big groups). The last day was when it happened. I figured tacos/burritos would be a pretty easy lunch for that many people, so I drove to the Taco Bell. Now, I planned on ordering 25 soft tacos, 25 crunchy tacos, and 20 burritos so I figured it would be best if I went in and ordered so everything would be kept straight. I go inside and it smells like only a Taco Bell can. I place my order and they lady at the counter told me it would be a 10 minute wait to get them all ready and that I should just sit down and wait. So while I'm sitting I look around. All of the tables are dirty, along with the floor and soda machines. Sauce packets are strewn about and straw wrappers are everywhere. No one else is inside the restaurant. Gee I wonder why??

So one of the employees comes out from behind the counter with a mop and bucket of SICK, dirty brown water. She's also got a rag and spray, that I'm hoping had some sort of disinfectant in it. As I watch her clean the tables and counters I'm thinking to myself, shouldn't this have been cleaned up when you closed last night? Certainly it should have been done prior to opening this morning. My mind keeps going...if it's this dirty where people eat, what does it look like behind the counter where they prepare my food? Ughhh GROSS.

Before I could think any further, the lady at the counter lets me know my order is ready and pushes 4 bags towards the edge of the counter. I picked them up and you would be surprised at how much 50 tacos weighs! I felt like a caveman, my arms dragging behind me from the weight of all the meat and beans. So I walk to my car and start to drive back to the office. . I drive a Jeep. It's small, there is no room for air circulation. My car fills with the terrible smell of the Taco Bell. I finally arrived at the office and take the bags upstairs. Everyone cleans them out in a matter of a few minutes, and all I could think about were the dirty tables and the bucket of brown water. The smell was in my car for what seemed like days. It finally went away, but I'll never forget it. And to this day it makes me a little pukey when I think about it. So, Taco Bell ruined anywhere with a drive thru for me. I feel like they are all dirty and I'll never know what's really in the food I'm eating. I will make one exception - Subway, which I haven't had since Dec, but would if I had to. There's something to be said for being able to actually watch someone prepare your food.

Not eating fast food has definitely made a difference. I spend a lot less money and I've lost some weight. Luckily, my parent's still feed me everyday (thanks Mom and Dad) otherwise I'd probably look like a twig. Anyway, let's start a movement and steer clear of the fast food.


Jayni tagged me on this ages ago and people are bugging me to update my blog so here I go -

5 things on my list to do today:
1. Work
2. Do some laundry
3. Go to Verizon and switch back to my orange phone
4. Go tanning
5. Set up my MLB.com pass

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Nacho Doritos and Cottage Cheese - you have to try it!!
2. Ice cream!!
3. Hot Tamales
4. Popcorn
5. Cuties or Clementines or whatever you want to call them

5 Places I've lived:
1. Orem, UT
2. Juno, AK
3. Idaho Falls, ID -gross

5 Places you've been:
1. Florida (Tampa & Orlando)
2. Hawaii (Oahu)
3. Las Vegas
4. California (San Diego, Northern CA, Victorville-ha ha Hoe and Moe, etc)
5. Boston

What would I do if I were suddenly made a Billionaire:
I would..
1. Save most of it
2. Hire someone to invest some of it
3. Buy a crossover SUV!
4. Buy a home some place warm year round!!!
5. Buy a movie theater so I could watch all the movies on the big screen before everyone else. And I would get all the movie popcorn I wanted! :) YUM

5 jobs I've had:
1. Receptionist - Persona
2. Editorial Assistant - PaperKuts
3. Executive Assistant - Doba
4. Cashier - Partyland!!!
5. Random babysitting

5 Pet Peeves I have:
1. When there's snow or rain on the ground and the bottom of my pants get wet
2. People who don't drive the speed limit
3. Blogs with music that automatically plays. Sorry to all my friends who have this, which is about 90% of you. But most of the time I am listening to MY OWN music and I have to search all over your blog each time I look to turn it off. It's annoying!
4. Not being able to sleep
5. Barking dogs or meowing cats

5 Things you didn't know about me:
1. I love driving with the windows rolled down and the heater on
2. I think celery tastes like crunchy water
3. I like westerny/cowboyee movies, especially ones about Jesse James
4. I've had surgery 5 different times
5. I save anything that has even the smallest bit of sentimental value. i.e movie stubs, dinner receipts, etc.

24 March 2008


IS STARTING!!!!! The first regular season game starts at 6:05am EST tomorrow morning with the Red Sox and Oakland. I will be sleeping during that time, but I will sleep better knowing the baseball season has begun. WOO!

The Incredible Hulk

I'm not usually into these kind of movies, but I heart Edward Norton so I am really excited about this one! It comes out June 13th.

20 March 2008


I LOVE FRIENDS. Ross is my favorite!! And I LOOOOOVE Ross and Rachel. YAY!

My favorite Ross episode-

My favorite Ross and Rachel episode-

15 March 2008

New Glasses

So after about 10 years of wearing nothing but contacts, I bought some glasses. It was really weird wearing them at first, I felt like I was in a fish bowl, but they are a lot better now. I love being able to wear them at night before I go to bed and when I first wake up!

10 March 2008

Movie Reviews

So I went to 3 movies this weekend. Yes, 3. I haven't been to a movie theater since last summer when I saw The Brave One (at least I think that's what it was called, ha tells you how much I liked that movie) so needless to say I've got some movie catching up to do.

Juno: Holli has been wanting me to see this with her forever so we finally went. Love, Love, L.O.V.E this movie. It was so funny. I love how it was all about Juno and only a portion of it was her and Bleeker's relationship. Ellen Page is soo cute and so little. I can only wish that I will be that cute when I have a baby one day, in the far off future. Her Dad in the movie was one of my favorites too. I'll definitely have to buy this on DVD when it comes out.

PS- I love going to matinees, there's never anyone in the theater and tickets cost a little less, it's perfect.

Definitely, Maybe: I went to this movie on Saturday too. And again, I loved it. I really like Ryan Reynolds, (since Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place) I've never seen him in something that I didn't like. And Isla Fisher is so adorable. It was a little bit predictable, or maybe I'm just amazingly smart ;) but I still really liked the story. Obviously, you want him to end up with April (Isla Fisher) in the end, but I loved the other two girls too, This movie seemed a little long when we were in the theater, but in the end it was only 2 hours. I think it seemed long because my tailbone hurt from sitting for two hours earlier in the day. This movie has been added to the DVD must buy list too.

27 Dresses: DUMB. Sorry to all of the girls out there who really liked this movie. But I thought it was stupid. I felt bad for Jane the whole movie and was I supposed to like Kevin the newspaper guy? I mean really, he writes that terrible article with all those pictures of her that ends up on the front page and then gives her a cell phone as some sort of apology, WHAT?! I understand that there was supposed to be some sort of significance because he was trying to replace her little day planner, but WHAT?! Was that supposed to be romantic? I thought this movie was terrible.

07 March 2008

R.I.P iPod

My dear sweet iPod has suffered a tragic death and is now in iPod heaven. iPod Touch here I come. I wish.

03 March 2008

Cell Phones for Soldiers Part 2

We collected 35 phones to donate to CellPhonesForSoldiers.com. Thanks to everyone who donated!

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