10 March 2008

Movie Reviews

So I went to 3 movies this weekend. Yes, 3. I haven't been to a movie theater since last summer when I saw The Brave One (at least I think that's what it was called, ha tells you how much I liked that movie) so needless to say I've got some movie catching up to do.

Juno: Holli has been wanting me to see this with her forever so we finally went. Love, Love, L.O.V.E this movie. It was so funny. I love how it was all about Juno and only a portion of it was her and Bleeker's relationship. Ellen Page is soo cute and so little. I can only wish that I will be that cute when I have a baby one day, in the far off future. Her Dad in the movie was one of my favorites too. I'll definitely have to buy this on DVD when it comes out.

PS- I love going to matinees, there's never anyone in the theater and tickets cost a little less, it's perfect.

Definitely, Maybe: I went to this movie on Saturday too. And again, I loved it. I really like Ryan Reynolds, (since Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place) I've never seen him in something that I didn't like. And Isla Fisher is so adorable. It was a little bit predictable, or maybe I'm just amazingly smart ;) but I still really liked the story. Obviously, you want him to end up with April (Isla Fisher) in the end, but I loved the other two girls too, This movie seemed a little long when we were in the theater, but in the end it was only 2 hours. I think it seemed long because my tailbone hurt from sitting for two hours earlier in the day. This movie has been added to the DVD must buy list too.

27 Dresses: DUMB. Sorry to all of the girls out there who really liked this movie. But I thought it was stupid. I felt bad for Jane the whole movie and was I supposed to like Kevin the newspaper guy? I mean really, he writes that terrible article with all those pictures of her that ends up on the front page and then gives her a cell phone as some sort of apology, WHAT?! I understand that there was supposed to be some sort of significance because he was trying to replace her little day planner, but WHAT?! Was that supposed to be romantic? I thought this movie was terrible.


Liz said...

Of course I remember you! Good to find you out here on the big world wide web. :)

I have been DYING to see Juno, but I'll wait until it comes out on DVD because I use Netflix...I'm going to see it as soon as it's on DVD though--I have wanted to see it for AGES.

I remember Two guys, a girl and a pizza place--aw...good tv...

Morgan and Sunni said...

I tagged you!! HA

Ben & Jayni said...

Haha. You kill me. Um.. that is sad you didn't like 27 dresses cause you were excited to see it. I loved Juno. I haven't seen the 2nd one. And I liked 27 dresses:)

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