31 December 2008

Snow dino!

This dino is pretty cool! He was built at a house down the street from me. The Dad of the family that built it was outside as Holli and I were driving past today so we stopped and he took a picture for us. He said they are adding green eyes to him soon!

27 December 2008

26 December 2008

Crazy Eights

Clayton tagged me so here goes!

CrAzY EiGhTs

8 Shows I Watch:
(And by watch I mean, buy and watch on DVD)
-Grey's Anatomy
-Private Practice
-Ugly Betty
-Desperate Housewives
-CSI: Las Vegas
-The Office

8 Places I like to Eat
-Cafe Rio
-PF Chang's
-Noodles & Company
-Mom & Dad's he he
-Holli's bean dip
-Mi Ranchito

8 Things on my Wishlist
-To not have migraines
-Tonka to be 100% litter box trained
-For it to be March so I can go on my Disneyland trip!
-For it to be April so I can meet my little nephew
-To learn to knit
-For Marley to not eat Tonka when they meet (maybe tomorrow!)
-Warm weather...I HATE snow/cold/wind..even on Christmas.
-To be tan again

8 Tags:
-Sunni Archibald
-Holli Ridley
-Madi Love
-Jayni Brenchley
-Chelsea Dabling
-Julie Hatch
-Erin Simnitt

25 December 2008


This has been me for the last month. I have had a migraine that WILL NOT go away. Seriously. 3 doctor visits, 1 shot of staydol/phenergan, 4 missed days of work, countless Zomig, countless Lortab and it's still here. Ugh. I'd like to try the Botox injections in my neck, I've heard good things about them helping with migraines. Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas, or experience with these? Oh PS Merry Christmas everyone.

21 December 2008

Storing Tonka's Stuff

Tonk's collection of stuff has outgrown the basket I had so I've been looking for an alternative for a few days. I decided on two of these over-the-door shoe holders at Walgreens for $5 and they work perfectly! I can't say that the idea was mine, Amy actually uses one in her pantry for food and stuff, so thanks Amy! I've also been looking for something to store his food in. Look at the cute jar I found at Walmart for $12 today! Yay!

20 December 2008

Tonka and Marley

They've never met, yet they've got so much in common...


18 December 2008

Holy mother of destruction

I came home to this today...

All because this little guy got out of his cage. Isn't he an angel?

16 December 2008


So I, (along with several co-workers) recently switched to the AT&T cell phone network from Verizon after the long awaited arrival of the new iPhone 3g. I had heard a few negative comments in regards to the AT&T network- dropping calls and being static-y (sp?) but I went into the new network with an open mind and a very happy heart having my new iPhone. Most of the negativity was coming from the direction of one of my bosses, Jeremy Hanks. But I told him repeatedly that a network could not be THAT bad, and maybe his problems were user-error ☺. But alas, I have been proven wrong, and I am writing this post for two reasons. First, to publicly say that my boss, Jeremy Hanks, was correct with his AT&T frustrations. Jer, you were right all along. I should have listened to you. And second, to vent all of my anger and frustration with AT&T over the last month.

So, I, me, Meagen Ridley, set up the business account for my work. We had several employees that wanted to get their hands on iPhones 3g's and I put into motion our plan to move everyone from our original Verizon business account (approx. 15 voice lines) to the new AT&T account. I was and am the only “authorized user” on this said AT&T account. So, I moved over 5 total lines at this time. Things were moving smoothly. Then I called the AT&T customer support/care line one day to move over an additional line from Verizon (like I had done 3 times prior to) and was told that I was not an authorized user on the account and that they would have to contact this person in order to get me authorized. Umm, okay? Well, I know I am the ONLY person authorized on the account. I told them this and the rep said they would call the mystery user (since it was against the rules to tell me the exact name) and that he/she would need to call them before I could do anything further. Ok, fine, I’ll play their silly little game, thinking that they would end up calling me. But they didn’t and who ever they called didn’t return the favor. So I called again a few days later. The same thing, and here is where my frustration starts to grow. So, this second time around I give them every possible name of higher ranking employees at Doba, knowing full well there is no possible way any name other than my own on the account. Nope, none of them were listed as the authorized users. So I told the rep that I would just go to an AT&T store to get it straightened out and hung up.

Well, today I went to my local AT&T location and was told that I was the only authorized user on the account, but I was not the authorized “order-placer” and that’s why I was having all of the problems. WHAT!? How can I set up the account, set up new lines, transfer numbers to and from and now I can’t do anything with the account? According to the service rep, AT&T had recently changed their processes and I would need to contact the small business rep to get my name on the account. So we did that, right then and there. But, according to the small business rep, it will take approximately one week in order to get my name on the account. WHAT?! ONE WEEK? Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous! I'm the ONLY user! I have done everything there is to do on a cell phone small business account and now I can do NOTHING. I’ve wasted two phone calls and a trip (in the first big snow storm of the season I might add) to the AT&T store and I am still were I started over a month ago. UGH.

I don’t know how anyone uses this service. Even if they were to solve their customer service problems, it does nothing to fix their network issues. I have experienced numerous dropped calls in the last 3 months and I can barely hear the other end while driving and talking. I never had problems with anything while on the Verizon service. I will never recommend AT&T to anyone. Sure, you can have a cool iPhone, but it’s not worth their pain in the ass customer service or crap network. Go with Verizon. Their network and customer service is far superior. Here’s waiting until 2010 when I can return to Verizon without a cancellation fee. But the $175 may be worth my sanity if these problems don’t get resolved ASAP.

13 December 2008

Grumpier Old Men

I love the Grumpy Old Men movies. This is one of my favorite scenes. It's from the 2nd movie.

11 December 2008

More Tonka and an update

I know that I have been consumed with Tonka lately. It seems like he is all I talk about with other people and he's been the subject of my last few blog posts too. Come on though! Look at those ears! How could I not be obsessed? He's totally adorable. So here's a slide show of the Tonka-tot. But, since I don't care for those blogs that talk about nothing but children, I will try to contain my love for my Tonka monster and give everyone a small update too.

So an update. Well the last few weeks I've worked from home part time making hand bound books. We customized them with our company logos and gave one to each employee as a gift. I'll take a picture of the exact book one day and post it. I thought they were really cool and it was nice to take a break from being in the office. However, in the spirit of spending less money we dramatically cut back on our Christmas expenditures this year. Which meant a lot more work on my part. But you won't hear any complaints from me (he he I know my boss reads my blog..hi Blaine!). I love being busy at work and planning and organizing parties is really fun for me! With the help of my good friend and co-worker, Jayni, it all came together and I think we had a good Christmas party. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of that either. And both of us brought our cameras. Bummer.

I've started Christmas shopping and I've ordered or know what I am getting everyone on my list. I can't believe the big holiday is only two weeks away. Eek!

Holli was made front desk supervisor at the hotel and along with her boss, is throwing all of the front desk agents a small party. I offered my condo as a location. With a little furniture moving I think it will be a great spot for the party of 6-7 people. Her and I will be decorating tomorrow night and Saturday morning for it. Maybe we'll remember pictures at this party.

Madi and Brady had an ultrasound on Monday and they found out the baby is a boy! I'm going to have a nephew in about 5 months! Cool! I've already got ideas for a little baby boy book in my head. I'll probably work on that during Christmas. I'm going to try to teach myself to knit (again) during Christmas too. Amy recommended a few tutorials on YouTube that helped her figure it out on her own. Do you think I have enough links in this blog post?

Lastly, someone moved into the condo below mine. A few of you heard my drama with the couple who used to live there. Hopefully, there isn't any with the new tenants. Although, the more I talk to (or try not to talk to) the other tenants around me, the more I think I live in the middle of crazyville. One unit thinks my name is Heather (a fine name, but not mine). They did give me a giant bag of Twizzlers and a cute card for Christmas. So they can call me anything they like if candy is involved! Another is occupied by a pack rat who told me herself she has a big problem throwing things away and had to have the entire neighborhood help in cleaning out her two bedrooms to have new carpet installed. Help for two bedrooms? Okay? And another gave me attitude about the swamp cooler vent being dirty when he was shutting off the water for the winter. Umm okay, sorry my house isn't up to your squeeky clean standards. But to be honest, you live on the bottom unit and always have the blinds open on your little deck thing. I can see right into your kitchen/dining room when I come and go. You're standards clearly aren't that high buddy.

Well that's the update, I hope you enjoyed. :)

09 December 2008

Puppy Book / Holli's Book

Apparently I didn't make enough of these books for work over the last month, so I made another for myself this weekend. And one for Holli too.

03 December 2008

Puppy School

Last night was Tonka's first day of puppy school! So you know I put him in his cute little sweater! Haha. I wanted him to look nice for his first day. :) It was actually the second lesson in this course of classes. We started a week late, but were able to get a really quick catch up lesson a few days before.

It was his first time around other dogs and he was pretty scared. He sat most of the class behind my purse or in my lap, but other than that he did pretty well. He learned how to walk on a leash without yanking it and to lie down. In his private lesson last week he learned to sit and to watch me as I give him a command. Anyway, here are some pictures! He looks really long in them, but I think it was the way I was holding him. He's 4.8lbs and still got all his puppy wrinkles!

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