29 April 2009

Oh Denny

I am watching Grey's again. And I love Denny. All my favorite people on shows die! :( Lem, dead. Denny, dead. UGH. 

25 April 2009


I bought meagenridley.com from GoDaddy last summer and I don't know how to get my blog to point to it. Could someone help me figure that out? Do I need to buy domain hosting or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

21 April 2009


Two posts in one day, annoying, I know. But I was folding some clothes in my bedroom tonight and Tonk was on the bed sniffing around the corner by the wall. It was weird so I went over to see what he was looking at. AHH! A big, black, hairy spider!!! So I quickly grabbed a flip flop to squish him and he ran away! :( So I stripped off all the bedding, moved the mattresses and I still couldn't find him! If it had been one of those yellow spiders I probably wouldn't have cared. But what if it was a black widow!? He could bite me in my sleep and I may not wake up!

This is not good. I have sleeping issues, and I will not get any sleep if I think there is a spider roaming around in my bed. So I moved my memory foam and bedding to the living room and Tonk and I have set up camp on the sofa sleeper for the night. I guess I'll have to stay in the living room until I can find the spider. Or someone comes over and takes care of it for me!!

Our temporary bed
I don't see any spiders now, Mom

The Illusionist

I've been *attempting* to compete in the 2009 Doba Fitness Challenge at work. I'm not doing very well, but I have found something that's been helpful. I drink a lot of my calorie intake. HA HA. Somehow that sentence was suppose to make me sound like I don't actually EAT a lot of calories, but we all know that's a lie. Ha ha. Anyway, so I like my Coke. It is therapeutic. Mmm. I love it. But, unfortunately, it is not very good for me. So I bought my last Coke over a week ago *tear* and I kept the cup. My trick is that I fill it with ice and water each day, but since I'm drinking from the last Coke cup I somehow don't miss it as much. Oh and Mom, that straw is a week old and still in perfect condition. Proud much?

19 April 2009

Tanning with Tonka

It's so nice outside today. Tonka has been sitting on the deck all day. So I decided to get a little sun on my legs, read a little bit of my book, and relax with him. Apparently he was too lazy to get a drink from his own water bowl, he had to steal mine.

10 April 2009

Banana, Strawberry, and Apple

I'm pretty sure I fulfilled the recommended daily fruits serving in one meal today. Oh yeah. I'm just that good.

09 April 2009

Nick Adenhart: 1986-2009

I got a disturbing phone call from my Mom with the news that Nick Adenhart had been killed in a car crash earlier this morning. Unless you follow Angels baseball, mostly the minor leagues you probably wouldn't know the name. But I do. Nick was a RHP with a lot of promise and even more talent. He was a 14th round draft pick for the Angels in 2004. He went through the Angel's minor league system, which includes the rookie level, Orem Owlz, and the AAA Salt Lake City Bees. Nick helped the Owlz win the Pioneer League Championship in 2005. He was the youngest pitcher in the major leagues at the time he was called up in May 2008. His very young major league career consisted of 4 appearances, including six shutout innings last night in the Angel's game against Oakland.

Nick was not just another player to make an appearance in our home town. Due to my family's involvement with the Host Family Program with the Owlz, I knew him. He ate dinner with my family, in our home. We have followed his career closely and I am very sad to see his life end. My thoughts and prayers go to his family, as well as the families of the other two individuals killed in the accident. 

The Angels and Bee's games were postponed to a later date this evening due to this tragedy. You can read more about Nick's life and career in the many articles consolidated by Stephen Smith at FutureAngels.com

07 April 2009

The Perfect Sun Tea

I love sun tea! Oh so good. Sun tea reminds me of summer. So I thought I'd share my perfecto recipe.

2 qt. glass jar with closing lid
9 tea bags (Liptons Original works well)
1 3/4 c sugar
2 tbs vanilla

Fill glass jar with cold water. Place tea bags in water, cover jar with lid, and place outside in an area with lots of sun. Leave in sun for 2-4 hours depending on the heat.

Remove tea bags. Add sugar and vanilla and stir. Serve best with ice.


I don't think I've ever actually been excited to see charges on my credit card, until today, when I saw my subscription for MLB.com renew! Oh happy day! 

06 April 2009

Sun Tea, Tonka Walks, and Baseball

I knew it was going to be warm out today so this morning before work I put together a batch of sun tea and put the jar out on the deck. When I got home it was perfect! I love sun tea!

And I've totally worn Tonk out. At lunch, I took him on a short walk and then when I got home from work we put the leash back on and walked the track for a good 40 min. He'll sleep well tonight.

This is me and Tonk, just hanging out tonight. And you know that's my David Wright shirt! Baseball started today! YAY! Go Mets. I'm not sure why Tonk likes laying on my back. Maybe because it's so squishy. Ha ha, good thing the fitness challenge has started again.


Ughh. I can't sleep. I've been trying since 10PM and nothing is happening. I hate this. And I have no one to talk to at this hour either. Aww, but Tonk just did the sweetest thing, he just woke up and crawled his way from my feet and is cuddling right under my neck. I knew there was a reason I bought him. 

03 April 2009

Root Canal

I had my root canal this morning and it did not go well. Apparently there are 3 root stems/branches in this tooth and one of them had so much decay they couldn't do the whole procedure. So they did as much as they could and then put some sort of super-antibiotic directly inside the root. I have to wait 2 weeks and then go back in again for them to finish it. Ugh.. I was in the chair for almost 2.5 hours this morning, it was awful. I was numb, obviously, but honestly, dental work gives me anxiety. I hate it. Just laying here, feeling the pressure, and hearing the drills and other instruments. And now I have to go back again in two weeks. :(

The silver lining lies in my crown. Luckily, they could just drill a hole right through the middle of my current one, so I won't have to get a buy one.

As far as the service of Monarch Dental goes, I was not very impressed. Has anyone else visited them? It felt like a dental chop-shop. Like they just do procedures one after another, bring patients in and then get them out quickly. Only my procedure was far from quick. Each little room is just a tiny box with a chair, dental equipment, and gray walls. And I got to see almost every room because I was shuffled around 3 times before landing in my final chair. There was nothing to look at either, which bugged. The part that bothered me the most was the doctor never really gave me any indication of how things were going along the way. And since I couldn't speak, I was going a little mad not knowing how much longer I would have to lie there. Also, some decorations may help distract you from the fact that a guy has a drill inside your mouth, just a thought. The only reason I went with these guys was because they could get me in the soonest. I probably should have waited until the end of the month to see one of the endodontists my dentist recommended. But, I just couldn't wait that long knowing getting my tooth taken care of could very well get rid of my headaches.

My experience today showed me exactly why my current dentist is so amazing. He's Dr. Rick Leishman, of Crawford Leishman Dental, the group that gets named "Best Dentist in Utah County" for four years running. Dr. Leishman is AWESOME. Each time I've seen him, he answers all of my questions, and explains everything in terms I can understand. While he's working on you, he gives you progress reports, lets you know how things are moving along, how much longer he expects it to be, etc. And the most impressive thing he does is calls you the night you've had a procedure done, just to make sure you are feeling okay and to see if you have any further questions. He personally calls, not someone from his office. Now that is a great doctor who really cares about his patients. And each of their procedure rooms are decorated beautifully with different themes, which to some may seem trivial, but having cool Harley's, vintage cars, or American flags to look at helps a bit with the anxiety.

Maybe I'm just so spoiled with the service of Crawford Leishman dental my standards were too high going to Monarch. But it's over with, for at least 2 more weeks, and hopefully this will eliminate my headaches.
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