27 November 2008

Twilight Soundtrack

So I don't usually get into buying soundtracks to movies. I'll just find whatever songs I like and get those. But I really liked a few of the songs in the Twilight movie and ended up buying the soundtrack last night. It's really good. And OMG Rob Pattinson's voice. Please can I marry it? Because I am totally 100% in LOVE with it. Oh, Rob Pattinson plays Edward for all of you Twilight retards out there. Twitards. Ha. Oh and Happy Thanksgiving.

25 November 2008

23 November 2008


So Twilight review. The evening was soo much fun! My Mom, Holli, Emily, and I drove up to SLC at 9:00PM for our 12:01AM showing. We made shirts and it was so fun! We were prepared to wait outside with coats, blankets, and mittens, but they theater ended up letting our showing in right as we walked up to the end of the line. So no waiting out in the cold for us thank goodness! We brought Uno for entertainment and we found these big long coffin looking things and took some pictures. The wait didn't seem too long even thought it was 3 hours. Holli almost went WWF Smackdown on some girls that butted in front of us in line. Ha ha, which was also entertaining.

On to the movie. Well, sadly I was very disappointed with it. It was rushed and there was no character development. I felt like they tried to make it too comedic. Granted, it could have been the audience I was with. But there was just too much laughing. It was a serious book, and the movie just wasn't. In the book, Edward is this perfect guy. He's smooth and sweet, and just the picture of perfection. But in the movie, Edward was clumsy, weird, and quiet frankly, creepy. The scene where they are in the forest and he shows his skin in the sun. Hello? Modern technology and graphics and whatever and that's the best they could do? Get real. I feel bad for anyone that saw/sees the movie without reading the book. They will think we are all freaks for loving the books so much. Maybe my expectations were too high. But even though I didn't care for the movie I will buy the DVD when it comes out because well I'm a Twilight freak. :)

21 November 2008


This is Tonka! I bought him yesterday and I am totally in love with him. He's a miniature daschund and is 9 weeks old today. He's a little smaller than a football right now and will be about 10 lbs fully grown.

17 November 2008

Yeah, it's with the ammo

I went to Cabelas this weekend because I needed "buckshot" to use as weights for a craft project. So I walk into the store and I head to the gun counter for direction. I proceed to tell the clerk that I do not hunt, I do not fish (except for this one time), and I do not shoot things, but that I was looking for buckshot. He quickly tells me it's with the ammo and walks away. Yeah, thanks. That was helpful.

16 November 2008

Naomi & Sam

If this doesn't make you want to watch Private Practice. I don't know what will. Mmmm I love Taye Diggs.

13 November 2008

What if this is as good as it gets?

I'm not really in a good place today. I did not sleep last night due to not feeling very safe after a bad dream and an incident early in the evening. Let me explain..

Last night I went to Walgreen's around 9:30pm. As I was checking out a young guy walked into the store that made me feel rather uncomfortable. I know it's pretty judgmental on my part, but he just seemed like a punk up to no good. His head was shaved, he wore big baggy pants and a hoodie with the hood up. I didn't feel safe when he walked by. He bought something small and was soon standing behind me in line. He kind of invaded my space in line making me even more uncomfortable. So I paid for my items and walked to my car. I unlocked it and got in and as I did so a car pulled up to the doors of the store and picked up the young guy.  I sat in my car for a few minutes hoping they would pull out of the parking lot and leave. When they didn't I left the parking lot and took a different way home, watching my rear view mirror making sure they weren't behind me. I know it was nothing and they didn't follow me, not that they had any reason to. So I get home, lock up, and go to bed, everything is fine but I still felt a little weird about that guy. 

I had some trouble falling asleep even with the hefty sleeping pill I take each night. I did drift to sleep though but was woken up due to a bad dream around 1:00AM. I can't remember what the dream was about, I only know it woke me up and I was frightened. As I lay there trying to fall back to sleep I heard a noise that scared me enough to grab my phone and put on my glasses to go investigate all the corners of my house to make sure everything was okay. Everything was fine, I got a drink, and got back into my bed. As I sat there, my phone still in hand I thought to myself who would I have called? Yes, I know that if the noise had been something serious, I would have immediately called the police. But it was just one of those things where I just wanted to talk to SOMEONE. I didn't need anyone to come over or anything. I just wanted someone to make sure I was okay and tell me I was fine. And then it just hit me, is this it? Is this how it's always going to be for me? I get scared in the middle of the night and I just have to tough it out? Seriously? I want someone to be laying next to me when I wake up scared, but I don't have that. Or a boyfriend that I can call and say I'm freaked out. I don't have that either. Nothing. As I continued to sit there I was reminded of the scene in the movie As Good As It Gets when Jack Nicholson walks out of the psychiatrists office and says to the other patients in the lobby "What if this is as good as it gets?" What if this is as good as it's going to get for me? :(

I don't want people to think I am ungrateful. Because I am not. I have been blessed in many ways. I have an amazing family. I have a wonderful job that allows me to be independent. I pay for everything on my own. I have a 2 bedroom condo all to myself. I have my own car. And I have the ability to do any kind of fun things I want. I am very independent, but people seem to confuse my independence with me PREFERRING to be alone. I don't prefer to be alone. I want to share my life with someone. I just don't have that person. I just wish I had more in my life. I want less independence. I want to share a life with someone. I don't want to be married right now, I just want someone. I want someone to share things with. I want someone to ask how my day was, and actually care about what's going on with my job or my life or my anything. I guess I'm just feeling sorry for myself and I need these thoughts out of my head. 

12 November 2008


Check out my cute new soup bowl! I got it at Harmon's for $1.25. Woo.

11 November 2008

I tried

I tried. I really did. I held out as long as I could. But they broke me. And now I can't control it. They are here and I must eat them.

08 November 2008

New Book

I learned how to make a new book! Thanks for teaching me Amy!

1 Year

Happy blogiversary to me! I started my blog one year ago today. I read through a few of my first posts and it's weird how even though it's been a year, most everything is still exactly the same. And the few things that did change, I don't feel went in a better direction. So here's to another stagnant year.

05 November 2008


I am really disliking the design on my blog. But every time I sit down to change/fix it I totally lose all interest. I have blogger boredom.

04 November 2008



Fandango quit hating me and I got my tickets! WOO!

03 November 2008

Random Rhonda

So everything in this post is totally random FYI. I started out last weekend wanting to paint my spare bedroom/office...my spoffice...haha new word! (I told you this would be a random post). Somehow that morphed (who says morphed?) into redoing my bedroom. Here are the before and afters. My camera is broken so I had to use my iPhone camera, which doesn't produce high quality photos. Obviously. But I promise it's really cute and I love it. I got a new duvet, new curtains, and some new shelves (which is actually a towel rack for a bathroom, but I think they really work).

 (I don't know why it's all yellowy. My walls are white. Notice the two bright spots on the window where the blinds are broken. White trash. Nice.)



Today is my Mom's birthday! YAY! Happy birthday Mom!! I love you! Read her blog because it's cool. And read the birthday post Holli did for her because it's funny.
I hope my Mom has an awesome birthday!

Additions to the Things That Must Go List-
  1. When they make movies out of books and then reprint the books and the movie characters are the artwork on the book cover i.e Twilight. This bugs!
  2. Buying curtains at Target, realizing they don't attach with loops, returning them to Target, figuring out a way to make them work, and then leaving after purchasing the exact same curtains you just returned.
  3. My crappy shoulder
  4. The movie Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. This movie sucked and we left after an hour.
  5. The claustrophobic-y feeling turtlenecks give me.
  6. Wearing heels to IKEA.
  7. Static - on the radio, on my clothes, it all must go.
As mentioned above, I've messed up my shoulder again somehow. The worst is changing the gears in my car, so I've been shifting with my left hand instead of my right. Ha, I look like a moron doing it, but whatever, my shoulder hurts. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. If I end up needing to have surgery on it again, I might jump off a bridge. Seriously. And Holli said she won't help me do my hair when I'm in a sling so I would have to rock the 80's side pony tail. HOT.

Madi and Brady moved to California last week and I miss them! And they took Coors. I miss him. Which means I want a puppy again. A dauchtson to be exact. Actually I want two. With big fat bellies! So big they drag on the ground. :) Marley is too big for me to pick up and cuddle. Maybe I just need a baby. HAHA! NOT! I need a puppy.

I'm going to redo my blog. I hate the blue and I'm thinking of going back to the white. I just need a new picture for the top.

Twilight comes out in 19 days!! I'm so excited I could pee my pants! I tried to buy tickets for the midnight showing, but Fandango wouldn't let me. I'm not sure if that is because they are already sold out, or Fandango hates me. Boo.

Lastly, tomorrow is election day! Everyone vote!
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