30 June 2008

NYC Waterfalls

I agree with Liz and I wish I lived closer so I could go see the NYC Waterfalls. They look awesome. Click here for more info.

26 June 2008


Recently, I've become obsessed with unsubscribing from all of the junk email I get at work and in my personal email account. If I see one more ad for 1-800-Flowers, StubHub, or Styles Checks I may go a little crazy. I realize I will never be completely unsusceptible to spammers and advertisers but for some reason clicking that "unsubscribe" button I feel like I'm giving each of them the bird. He he.

25 June 2008

Weeds, The Dead Guy, Hunger, and The Red-Head

I know everything I'm about to say is totally random, but please keep reading my thoughts.

Weeds: I've recently finished the 3rd season and I L.O.V.E. It's my new favorite show. I really like all of the characters, even the annoying Councilman Doug. Tell me you didn't laugh when he walked around during whole fire episode singing songs and playing that banjo or whatever at the shelter. I like this show so much I am going to scan the internet just to find pirated versions of the recently started season 4. Whoa. I know, big step for me watching shows before they hit the DVD shelves.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Why does he play the dead guy in all the shows I love? Denny in Grey's Anatomy - DIES. Judah in Weeds - DEAD. What is wrong with him playing a living roll!? I like him! Jeez. I did some research on imdb and he does in fact play living characters, so maybe I'll add a few of those films to my Netflix.

Hunger: Today, I am starving. We're talking eat whatever is laying on the counter-starving. Not good. For dinner I had 2 helpings of this chicken stir-fry noodle stuff, 2 pieces of corn on the cob w/butter, 2 pickles, and 3 cookies. Don't worry that after all of that I had a triple chocolate supreme drumstick ice cream cone. Oh yeah, and I ate some popcorn after that. JUDAS! Where did this appetite come from? I didn't have breakfast so that must be it?

The Red-Head: I've had to take a different route home from work the last few weeks because of all the construction. On my new route I've found, this red-headed lady who crosses (and I mean walks) across state-street everyday and just stands in the middle of the turning lane waiting for traffic to clear so she can run to the other side in her black slacks and heels. Woman, get out of the road! What are you thinking? She is going to get hit by a car, and when it happens I will feel bad for her, but I will also have no problem saying "I told you so."

23 June 2008


A few months ago Amy taught me how to bookbind with a coptic stitch. It's so fun, I love making these books. Thanks Amy! Here's a few I've made.

17 June 2008

Orem Owlz Opening Day

I could not have said it better myself, so just go here.

16 June 2008

Picture Game

My First Job:

My Favorite Place:

My Favorite Food:

My Favorite Color:

A Nickname of Mine:

A Place I will Visit:

How Old I'll be My Next Birthday:

14 June 2008

Things Dad Taught Me on the Golf Course

I went golfing with my Dad today! Well, he golfed and I drove the cart. I've played his caddy a few times and its always so fun, I love spending time with him. Thanks for taking me golfing Dad!

Here are a few things I learned while on the course today-
  • Clubhouse trail mix is tasty no matter how long it's sat in your golf bag.
  • Finding a ball in flip flops is not fun.
  • There seems to be a significant amount of self doubt in the sport of golf. Players are always commenting on how they will probably shank the drive or miss the putt. I'm pretty sure when a ball player heads out to the box and his teammates cheer him on he doesn't turn around and say "I dunno Mike, you've seen me play. *shakes head* I'll probably strike out. Ha Ha."
  • Call "fore" as soon as you think the ball will come close to someone. Not after the ball has hit the ground.
  • Do not hit your ball into the rough were the mosquitoes live. They will be very upset when you try to find it.
  • "P" does not mean putter. It's pitching wedge.
Dad on the driving range

In the cart waiting for our tee time

Just a cool picture I took there

12 June 2008

I feel discriminated

As some of you may have heard I've been looking at finding a new place to live for a few months. I love my condo now, but I think I need/want a change of scenery. I've been in my current condo for going on 3 years and I've really liked it here. It's two bedrooms, has a balcony, super cute, and I've loved it. But there are two big things wrong that the owner doesn't plan on fixing anytime soon. I know this because I've been asking since I moved in. 1- I can't fill the jetted-tub up. Hello?! It's a jetted tub, I'd like to use it! When water fills the tub it leaks through the light fixtures in the unit below me. They don't like that. I'm guessing there is a broken pipe or something, but the owners aren't willing to pay to have the tub ripped out to fix it. 2- The washing machine sucks. It needs to be replaced. When it hits the spin cycle it starts shaking and it's crazy loud! I'm pretty sure the family below feels like the ceiling is going to cave in. 3- Lastly, the family below me is pretty loud. They tend to YELL at each other when they communicate and it can get a little crazy. I guess it's not that big of a deal though because they have to listen to my washing machine rattle around when I do laundry at 11pm. We'll call that one a trade off.

Getting back to my housing search. I've looked in all of the apartment guides. These are nice because they list all of the newest complexes, have lots of pictures, and pricing right there in front of you. Problem - 90% of them are subsidized housing, which means they have income restrictions and I don't qualify. Even if I had a family of 5 living with me, I'd still make too much money to live there. Mo money, mo problems. :) Okay, I can deal with that I guess.

I've tried the rent.com and apartments.com route as well. They have a few different places, but for the most part it's just an online version of the apartment guides. A lot of their listings are Salt lake based too and since gas is $4.00 a gallon, commuting right now is not an option as far as I'm concerned.

Lastly, I've been looking at Craigslist faithfully every day to see if anything pops up. At first glance there are some OK places between PG and Provo. But for the most part I ignore anything that doesn't have a picture. I even went and looked a basement apartment today at lunch but it didn't have a living room so that isn't going to work. I've yet to come up with anything as nice as my current place thus far. But as I looked through today's current posts I came across one that sounded nice. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, big family room, storage space, central air, my price range etc. Then I saw it. "This place would be great for a small family or three students. No single professionals." What? I've seen similar things on many other post before. Married housing, newly weds, students only, etc. I'm tired of seeing this. Just because this area is full of people who love to get married doesn't mean we all are! Okay, this BUGS and I feel discriminated. I can't rent a place because I'm not married or have single friends that want to bunk up? What exactly makes married people or 3 students better renters than me? Wouldn't 3 students be more likely to throw parties and trash the place than me the single-responsible-working person? I do not understand.

If my rent doesn't increase I'm staying in my cute condo with the broken tub and washer where they don't discriminate against the un-married. :)

New Office

I was in the middle of a scrapbook project last weekend and decided my office needed a face lift. So I up and went to Roberts and found new organizer boxes (50% off woo!) and then went to Best Buy for a surge protector and a USB extender. Here's before..

And after...

11 June 2008


I could maybe go for these if they were shaped like actual crackers and not macaroni noodles.

09 June 2008

Good Day

I've been in kind of a bad mood this past week, but today has been a good day. Here's a few reasons why.

  1. I slept in a little.
  2. I talked to Chris this morning. I don't normally get to until night time, so that made me happy.
  3. I didn't let the BIG ASS rock chip I found in my windshield piss me off.
  4. I downloaded a few new songs that I have been hearing lately and put together a brand new playlist on my iPod. I listened to it on repeat all day while I ran errands. :)
  5. I had TONS of stuff to do at work. And by stuff I mean returns to various stores. I got them all done. Which cleared out the many piles in my office. I saved Doba $204.75 by taking un-used things from our trade show booths back. Go me go.
  6. Costco was not a madhouse like normal and I almost enjoyed my shopping experience.
  7. I bought lemonade from kids on the side of the road today. And I gave them a hefty tip. And then their eyes got all big and smiley. And then they gave me a free bottle of water. Haha.
  8. I bought a roley chair and floor mat for my home office today. Now I can return my other chair back to his chair friends at the kitchen table. Finally that room will be finished.
  9. I went tanning.
  10. I'm trying to get back into my nightly routine of crunches. So I did them tonight, to my new playlist!
  11. I got a headache this afternoon, but it was tolerable.
  12. It was warm so I could drive with the windows down all day!

07 June 2008


Today I left my keys in the ignition while I got a bagel and chai tea from Einsteins. Then on another trip this afternoon I took off my jacket and threw it in the front seat (keys in the pocket) while I shopped in Best Buy. On both occasions I didn't realize what I'd done until I went back to the car to leave. What is my problem? Do I want someone to steal my car? Get a clue Meagen.

Ice Cream!

Yes, this a picture of my freezer. Yes, that is 4 different kinds of ice cream. Yes, I LOVE it!

04 June 2008


I was driving to Lehi the other day and I saw the most amazing rainbow of my life. I took a picture with my camera phone, in the rear view mirror. Ha. I am a safe driver, don't worry.

Oh and PS. Here is also a picture of the passenger side on the top of the Jeep slipping off while I'm going 70 on I-15. Um scary! And instead of pulling over to fix it, I take a picture. Again, I'm a safe driver, don't worry.

03 June 2008

Bikers Continued...

After further discussion regarding my previous post...Holli and I decided that we will make a comprise with you bikers. You can have the gutter. It's black, just like the road, and it's out of our way. And Holli has wasted many a good french fry throwing them at you. So unless you are riding close and fast enough to her window to hold barbeque sauce for her dipping pleasure, she wants you to back off. Thanks, bye.


I wanted to expand on a note my sister made on her blog this morning. You can read it here. Bikers really must go. I don't mean long haired dudes with tattoos and bandannas. I don't mean the guys getting crazy down in Moab. I don't mean the average joe riding his 10-speed up to the local Sev for a slurpee. I mean the Lance Armstrong loving, Tour de France watching, tight spandex wearing bikers. You must go. Or at the very least get off the road where we (and by we I mostly mean I) drive. You are such a distraction!! And not because you THINK you look good in those little outfits with the Camelbak hydration system stuck in your mouths. You are not a car. No matter how hard you pedal you will never keep up with 4 wheels. When you are on the roads everyone slooowwws down and moves over 9 feet into the turning lane just to be sure we don't come close to hitting you. Even the lanes specific to bikes are not all that helpful, everyone still moves over and things get backed up. At traffic lights, we are all stopped and you come whipping through the middle of us. Yes, us. The inferior group also known as CARS. This is very annoying to me. What if I stuck my arm out the window (not that I have windows ha) to soak up some sun right as you come zippin past? I'll lose my arm! I like my arm! I don't want to be lopsided. Not to mention cars don't get to butt in line like that, so back off, you should wait your turn for the lights just like everyone else.

Some would say that these bike riders are doing some good for the environment by pedaling to and from where ever, which is true, but how about they try recycling all those Gatorade bottles they drink to get all amped up to ride 20 miles? That would be good for the environment.

Now I'm not asking you to go away completely, how about you just get on the sidewalk? We all pay for those so someone other than the little old grandpas with suspenders should use them. (PS when my future husband and I are old and wrinkly I hope my husband wears suspenders because I think grandpas are so cute in them.) Moving on, Maybe we should slap license plates on all of bikes on the road and riders can pay to get their bikes registered just like cars. I don't know what this would accomplish, but whatever.

Well now that I am sure I have offended someone who's husband or brother is training for some marathon, I am finished venting. I know none of this will change any of the bike laws (which I realize I don't know what any of them are) but it did bring my road rage levels down a notch or two. So thanks for being a soundboard to my complaints.
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