09 June 2008

Good Day

I've been in kind of a bad mood this past week, but today has been a good day. Here's a few reasons why.

  1. I slept in a little.
  2. I talked to Chris this morning. I don't normally get to until night time, so that made me happy.
  3. I didn't let the BIG ASS rock chip I found in my windshield piss me off.
  4. I downloaded a few new songs that I have been hearing lately and put together a brand new playlist on my iPod. I listened to it on repeat all day while I ran errands. :)
  5. I had TONS of stuff to do at work. And by stuff I mean returns to various stores. I got them all done. Which cleared out the many piles in my office. I saved Doba $204.75 by taking un-used things from our trade show booths back. Go me go.
  6. Costco was not a madhouse like normal and I almost enjoyed my shopping experience.
  7. I bought lemonade from kids on the side of the road today. And I gave them a hefty tip. And then their eyes got all big and smiley. And then they gave me a free bottle of water. Haha.
  8. I bought a roley chair and floor mat for my home office today. Now I can return my other chair back to his chair friends at the kitchen table. Finally that room will be finished.
  9. I went tanning.
  10. I'm trying to get back into my nightly routine of crunches. So I did them tonight, to my new playlist!
  11. I got a headache this afternoon, but it was tolerable.
  12. It was warm so I could drive with the windows down all day!


Ben & Jayni said...

Meagen when you have a good day. I have a good day. And I LOVE making new playlist and listening to them on repeat. Ohhh and good job on the crunches GO YOU GO!!

erin said...

i love days like these! what new music did you buy?

Meagen said...

Yeah, these kind of days are the best. I bought The Cure- Greatest Hits and The Only One , Rhianna - Take a Bow, and Secondhand Serenade - Fall for You. Woo

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