31 May 2009

Weekend Recap

I have started 3 different posts and then I figured it would be easier to just combine them into one. So here we go. First, I am really liking my new place and Tonk is too. I have been taking him on a walk everyday, even if he doesn't want to go. He just doesn't like going on walks but I haven't a clue why. He gets a few yards from the building and then just plops down and won't budge. He did go on a long enough walk the other for me to take a few pictures though.

Holli and I went to the Utah Valley Thunder (indoor arena football) game last night. It was really fun and the game was exciting. The Thunder won 70-69 in overtime. The on field promotions were lacking, but since this is their first season, I'm sure they'll improve with time. The music was done really well, but I was disappointed in the Thunder dance team. They did a total of 4 routines the whole game and that was it. Watching them did make me miss cheer, but I got over that in about 2.5 seconds. Ha ha. These pictures are not very good at all so be warned.

Two of my favorite things: Owlz Baseball and Sammy's Cafe

This morning Holli and I headed to Bountiful for our friend Brendon's mission farewell. He is actually Holli's coworker, but I've gotten to know him a little bit too and so he can be my friend. He gave a really great talk and he will be an awesome missionary. He heads to the MTC next Wednesday and then he's off to the Philadelphia, PA mission field. One other thing, I haven't been to a church meeting in a handful of years, but when did it become appropriate for everyone to be all cuddly and tickley with one another? I was disgusted by how much of this was going on during the meeting. I mean there were couples and brothers and sisters tickling each others backs and arms. Kids laying on mothers laps playing with their hair. Wives laying on husbands shoulders. Good flying hell, get off each other for an hour. This is church for crying out loud! This bugs and must go immediately.
Me, Brendon, Holli

So that was my weekend. It was fun, but now it's mostly over so back to work tomorrow! I hope everyone had equally good weekends too.

28 May 2009

Proactive For Sale

Hi guys. I am selling the above bottles of Proactive Revitalizing Toner and Proactive Repairing Lotion. I only use the face wash that I get every 6-8 weeks so these just end up sitting under my sink. If anyone is interested let me know. I'm selling them for $5 a bottle, which is a steal of a deal since they retail at about $13. I have 7 bottles of the lotion and 4 bottles of the toner. Send me an email (tanyabunsoff at gmail) or call/text me if you know my number and we can work it out! Thanks!

27 May 2009

Happy (belated) Birthday!

I intended to post this last night, but I fell asleep too quickly. So yesterday was Holli's birthday! Yay! She's an old 22. Even though she didn't feel well at all we still took her to dinner and then did presents at my house. She got Twilight on DVD, socks, a little night gown thing, shirts, a dress, and a jacket! I hope she had a great birthday and 22 will be even better than 21. Happy birthday Hoe. I love you and admire you.

25 May 2009

Moving Weekend

I moved this weekend, finally! And pretty much everything is set up in the new place except for a few random things like, hanging curtains, buying hand soap for the kitchen, blah blah blah. I just don't have the energy to do those things, not for a few days at least. But I am loving the new place and I'm excited to do some entertaining soon. Everyone is invited!

The move went mostly smooth. A HUGE thanks to everyone who helped, Holli, Dad, Mom, Jess, Greg and Christa, Jordan, Ross and Lynette Doxey, and the two random guys who showed up to move someone else, but moved my boxes instead.

I did take a few pictures during the process, but I haven't taken any of everything put in it's place. You'll just have to come over to see it.

Old Place - filled with stuff
Holli making a moving snack - muddy buddies
PS - she makes the BEST ones ever!Tired from packing and moving
Me and Tonk taking a breakNew Place - filled with stuff

16 May 2009


My apartment decided to give me one last parting gift before I move next week. A big bruise on my face! There are two big wooden shelf holders under the window in my bedroom. I've never been able to remove them from the wall so they are hidden by my curtains. Well a bottle of water fell off the night stand last night and I bent down to pick it up and BAM! I hit my face on one of the shelf holders. Naturally a string of profanities a mile long came out of my mouth, which I'm pretty sure all of the neighbors heard since all of the windows were open. Oops.

08 May 2009

New Casa de Meagen and Tonka

After more than a year of looking, I have found a new place to live! The BEST part is that it is dog-friendly! It's so dog-friendly that they have little doggy stations all over the complex. The next best part is that it is 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The master bedroom is huge and has a walk-in closet with a great big bathroom with a working tub! The 2nd bedroom is the perfect size, with another walk-in closet. There is a balcony with extra storage, central air, vaulted ceilings, oh and the living room has a fireplace. AND I have a pool, hot tub, and gym. It's worth every single extra penny I will be paying each month. 

I'm so excited to have not only one working tub, but two. It is missing one very important thing though, a washer and dryer. If anyone is selling theirs or knows where I can find some inexpensive ones let me know, because I need clean clothes, obviously. Oh yeah, I also need a truck to haul all of my crap, and strong men to move it all. Any volunteers? I'll buy food for you? Yay!
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