25 May 2009

Moving Weekend

I moved this weekend, finally! And pretty much everything is set up in the new place except for a few random things like, hanging curtains, buying hand soap for the kitchen, blah blah blah. I just don't have the energy to do those things, not for a few days at least. But I am loving the new place and I'm excited to do some entertaining soon. Everyone is invited!

The move went mostly smooth. A HUGE thanks to everyone who helped, Holli, Dad, Mom, Jess, Greg and Christa, Jordan, Ross and Lynette Doxey, and the two random guys who showed up to move someone else, but moved my boxes instead.

I did take a few pictures during the process, but I haven't taken any of everything put in it's place. You'll just have to come over to see it.

Old Place - filled with stuff
Holli making a moving snack - muddy buddies
PS - she makes the BEST ones ever!Tired from packing and moving
Me and Tonk taking a breakNew Place - filled with stuff


Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Looks like loads of work! I am not sure that I would have energy after moving to do much else!

Brenda said...

I am PRETTY SURE when I left this place on Saturday, yeah....it wasn't this dirty. CLEAN YOUR ROOM! Luv Luvs.

Brady and Madi said...

Hahaha I totally love how many people it took you to move! Why didn't you do it the Love style and just throw it all in the car? All in one load. Woo.

Meagen said...

Moe. Have you seen all of the shit I have? It would have been impossible for me to move Love style.

The Angry Georgian said...

I can't come over. :(
But if I could, I'd bring you a pie. You need a housewarming present.

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