31 May 2009

Weekend Recap

I have started 3 different posts and then I figured it would be easier to just combine them into one. So here we go. First, I am really liking my new place and Tonk is too. I have been taking him on a walk everyday, even if he doesn't want to go. He just doesn't like going on walks but I haven't a clue why. He gets a few yards from the building and then just plops down and won't budge. He did go on a long enough walk the other for me to take a few pictures though.

Holli and I went to the Utah Valley Thunder (indoor arena football) game last night. It was really fun and the game was exciting. The Thunder won 70-69 in overtime. The on field promotions were lacking, but since this is their first season, I'm sure they'll improve with time. The music was done really well, but I was disappointed in the Thunder dance team. They did a total of 4 routines the whole game and that was it. Watching them did make me miss cheer, but I got over that in about 2.5 seconds. Ha ha. These pictures are not very good at all so be warned.

Two of my favorite things: Owlz Baseball and Sammy's Cafe

This morning Holli and I headed to Bountiful for our friend Brendon's mission farewell. He is actually Holli's coworker, but I've gotten to know him a little bit too and so he can be my friend. He gave a really great talk and he will be an awesome missionary. He heads to the MTC next Wednesday and then he's off to the Philadelphia, PA mission field. One other thing, I haven't been to a church meeting in a handful of years, but when did it become appropriate for everyone to be all cuddly and tickley with one another? I was disgusted by how much of this was going on during the meeting. I mean there were couples and brothers and sisters tickling each others backs and arms. Kids laying on mothers laps playing with their hair. Wives laying on husbands shoulders. Good flying hell, get off each other for an hour. This is church for crying out loud! This bugs and must go immediately.
Me, Brendon, Holli

So that was my weekend. It was fun, but now it's mostly over so back to work tomorrow! I hope everyone had equally good weekends too.


The Angry Georgian said...

My cousin's wiener dog does the same thing. You should see him at the beach. He just waddles through the sand and plops down on his side. He doesn't like to take long walks either.

MIkal said...

Sorry but I can't take your outrage too seriously when you write "Good Flying Hell!" "WTF" would be an infinitely more appropriate expression :-)

Meagen said...

Ha ha Mikal. You're right, WTF would have been more convincing.

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