31 December 2007

Best Kisses

Since it's New Year's Eve and most everyone will be kissing their loved ones at midnight, I decided to post a few of my favorite on-screen smooches. 

The Girl Next Door

The Office


Grey's Anatomy

The Notebook

26 December 2007

Christmas Eve Games

Christmas Eve this year was really fun! We had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of prime rib, baked potatoes, salad, rolls, etc. It was so yummy! Then we had treats with the chocolate fountain and played games for presents. This was really fun! Each person had $25 to spend on 3 gifts to be used as prizes, and we had to come up with one of our favorite fast games that everyone could play. The winner of each game could pick out any prize from the pile.

We played Uno, Indian Chief, Light Bulbs, Apples to Apples, 250, and Egyptian Rat Screw. After we did a raffle for the remainder of the prizes and played 500 for the $50. It was a new tradition and it was a lot of fun. After we watched Christmas movies on Dad's new t.v.

22 December 2007

Christmas Cards

So each year Doba gets an abundance of Christmas cards from our suppliers, partners, and other service providers. Some are addressed to specific people, but most are addressed just to "Doba". So they end up in my pile of mail, delivered to my desk by Jayni. I tape them to my door so the whole office can enjoy them throughout the holiday season. My question is what does everyone else do with these?

My Mom, the creative queen, used to save them, take them apart and make scrapbook pages, new cards, or other various things out of them. I don't want to sound like a Scrooge, (my sisters would argue that not only do I sound like him but I am in fact, Scrooge himself) but I'm guessing most look at the card and then immediately put it in the garbage. Is this true? And if it is why on earth do we even send them?

I did some research and according to what I found the first Christmas card was created and sent in 1843. John Calcott Horsely painted the first Christmas card for Sir Henry Cole, a British businessman who had so many Christmas greetings to send hand writing them seemed impossible. The card depicted a typical English family drinking wine together and said "Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to You". 1000 cards were printed and sold for 1 shilling each. Eventually the trend was set and now the whole world sends them.

Anyway, despite what my sisters think, I am not Scrooge and one day when I have a family of my own we'll send out Christmas cards with pictures to everyone! And none of you better throw them away! ....until New Year's, then you have my permission.

21 December 2007

Hi, Boss? I can't come in to work today because..

...my car door is locked and FROZEN shut! I HATE winter.

20 December 2007

Mountain Dew Tree

I found this on YouTube. It's pretty sweet. You can see more pictures of how they made it here. Moe. This is for you.

18 December 2007


LA·SIK (lā'sĭk) n: a surgical operation to reshape the cornea for correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism that involves the use of a microkeratome to separate the surface layer of the cornea creating a hinged flap providing access to the inner cornea where varying degrees of tissue are removed by an excimer laser followed by replacement of the corneal flap called also laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis.

So I have had terrible vision since as long as I can remember. I started wearing contacts in 4th grade! I wear 6.50 in my right eye and 6.0 in my left, so yeah, I can't see a dang thing without my contacts in. I have decided to get LASIK eye surgery in January *hopefully*! I still need to be seen by a doctor that performs the procedure, but I am soo excited! It would/will be amazing to just wake up and be able to see everything instead of feeling my way to the bathroom. I am looking for doctors, does anyone know of any good ones in Utah County? Apparently, my regular eye place, Knighton Vision, has gone out of business, so now I have to start over. Let me know!

14 December 2007

Secret Santa

Ruth Ann started the Secret Santa tradition with all of the girls at Doba. Even though Ruthy moved home we kept the tradition alive! Today was our gift exchange! Everyone gathered in Jill's office and brought food and their gifts. I had Ashlee Toney and I helped her Disney DVD collection with Tarzan. Jayni gave me Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and a chocolate orange!!! I LOVE my presents, thanks Jayni!!!

All of the girls

My presents!

Me and J

13 December 2007

Oh boy...I'm in trouble

I can't sleep, so i'm browsing the Pottery Barn site. Bad idea. I'm going to need a part time job just to buy all the stuff I fell in love with. I probably shouldn't even look, most things I buy end up in a "when I own a house" pile anyway.

12 December 2007

Happy Birthday Marley!

Marley, the Ridley family dog, turned 2 years old today. He's soo adorable! He is a lab/border collie mix, he's about knee high and weighs 65 lbs. We have so many nick names for him: Marley Bob, Mars, Mars Bars, Bob Dog, ...... he's so cute, I just love him!

Amazing Christmas Tree

So I was at the cake/candy store yesterday buying the chocolate for my chocolate popcorn and they had these tree kits on the counter. I am a sucker for stupid, slightly amusing things so I bought one. The Amazing Christmas Tree kit comes with a little tree that stands in a petri dish, magic water, red garland, glitter, and a star. You separate the branches, add the garland, and then pour the "magic" water in the dish and it grows to a Christmas tree in 1 hour. Even though Jayni and I did the whole process backwards it still turned out really cute. Yay! Now my office is festive. PS. The "magic" water reaks.




11 December 2007

Crank Dat

I LOVE the little kid in the front!

10 December 2007

Till Kingdom Come

I was watching The Shield last week and this song started playing at the end of the episode. I L.O.V.E it. It's Till Kingdom Come by Coldplay.

Still my heart and hold my tongue
I feel my time
My time has come
Let me in
Unlock the door
I never felt this way before

And the wheels just keep on turning
The drummer begins to drum
I don’t know which way I’m going
I don’t know which way I’ve come

Hold my head inside your hands
I need someone who understands
I need someone, someone who hears
For you I’ve waited all these years
For you I’d wait till kingdom come
Until my day, my day is done
And say you'll come and set me free
Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me

In your tears and in your blood
In your fire and in your flood
I hear you laugh, I heard you sing
I wouldn’t change a single thing
And the wheels just keep on turning
The drummers begin to drum
I don’t know which way I’m going
I don’t know what I’ve become

For you I’d wait till kingdom come
Until my days, my days are done
And say you'll come and set me free
Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me
Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me
Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me

08 December 2007

Things that must go..

Okay, the morning show I listen to, Radio from Hell on X96, does a weekly thing where Kerry, Bill, and Gina (the hosts) give a few things that they've seen or experienced in the last week that they can't stand. Things that bug them or drive them crazy. Things that must go. It's one of my favorite portions of the show and I tune in for it almost every Wednesday at 8am. Every other week they read listeners things that must go, those are usually pretty good too. Anyway, here is the start of my own list of things that must go. Feel free to add to it in the comments section!
  • "God loves you" emails that tell me I'm going to burn in hell if I don't forward it to 10 people
  • Q-tips where the cotton is soo tight that it feels like you're cleaning your ear with a piece of wood
  • The gas pump that stops pumping when you try to put down the "auto-pump" thingy and you have to stand out in the freezing cold and manually pump the gas
  • The Golden Corral a.k.a The Golden Troff
  • Parents who let their children kick and scream at the top of their lungs in stores and don't do a single thing to calm them down
  • The Walgreen's pharmacy on 8th North in Orem
  • The lady who sat in front of me at TSO with her HUGE hair
  • People who hum or whistle while standing in checkout lines
  • When you pull a tissue out of the tissue box and it rips in half
  • People who come in my office when they can clearly see I am on the phone and proceed to talk to me..hello! I'm on the phone!
  • The smell of office/work kitchens. They just always reak
  • InstaCare facilities that have a "no narcotics" rule when it comes to treating migraine headaches. I didn't come for a lolly pop doc!
  • The license plate N8DAWG..seriously?

05 December 2007

Sundance Syrup

Today I went to the annual Doba management retreat in the Wasatch room at Sundance. Every December we gather up there to discuss how the year went and our initiatives for the next. It's basically a big review/brainstorm with really good food. Anyway, for breakfast we had apricot french toast, fruit, bacon, sausage, and cereal. Good food, but nothing super special. What was special however, was the tiny little bottles the syrup came in! They were so cute! Yeah, yeah, I know I am easily amused.

Also, as much as I hate the snow and cold, I really love Sundance this time of year. It's beautiful year round, but it's gorgeous with the snow! It's really nice to be able to get away up there, even if it is only 20 minutes from home. These pictures really don't do the snow and trees any justice because they were taken with my cell phone.

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