05 December 2007

Sundance Syrup

Today I went to the annual Doba management retreat in the Wasatch room at Sundance. Every December we gather up there to discuss how the year went and our initiatives for the next. It's basically a big review/brainstorm with really good food. Anyway, for breakfast we had apricot french toast, fruit, bacon, sausage, and cereal. Good food, but nothing super special. What was special however, was the tiny little bottles the syrup came in! They were so cute! Yeah, yeah, I know I am easily amused.

Also, as much as I hate the snow and cold, I really love Sundance this time of year. It's beautiful year round, but it's gorgeous with the snow! It's really nice to be able to get away up there, even if it is only 20 minutes from home. These pictures really don't do the snow and trees any justice because they were taken with my cell phone.

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