29 May 2008


So is it Kid's Day or Kid's Week? And when you are a kid isn't every day your day. Whatever. I saw this at Roberts today btw.

28 May 2008

99 Things on my mind

Well, I realized today that this is my 99th post. I was a little surprised by this because the past few days (weeks really) I have had this feeling of 'I have nothing to blog about because I don't really have anything interesting to say'. Or I will sit down to post something and once I start typing I realize how boring it is and just delete it. But apparently, I had something to say 99 times in the past few months. And then I thought well hell, I've got that many things on my mind right now, so surely I can come up with something to blog about. So here it is. 99 things that are on my mind right now, but I can't think of anything really interesting about any one particular. Enjoy the boringness I call my mind. :)
  1. My hair sucks. Why doesn't it grown well on the right side of my head.
  2. When is the construction in Orem (mainly my routes to and from work) going to be finished?
  3. Am I too picky when it comes to dating? I turned down a guy today because he didn't take off his sunglasses when he asked me out. We were inside a building.
  4. Are my Mets going to pull together and start winning some games?
  5. Go to Verizon and pick up the data card things.
  6. Can't the couple downstairs just get along?
  7. And if they can't, why are they bringing another baby into this world?
  8. Should I return the jeans I bought yesterday?
  9. Call Les Schwab and figure out why the Jeep shakes when I go above 50.
  10. Get the oil changed.
  11. I need to go tanning regularly if I ever want to be tan again.
  12. Figure out how I'm going to turn Chris' newspaper articles and stuff into a book.
  13. I should have gotten lasik eye surgery with my flexible spending account through work.
  14. I would have had fun with Holli in Disneyland. I should have gone.
  15. Will the owner's of my condo ever fix the tub?
  16. Or buy me a new washer?
  17. What is stopping me from starting school?
  18. When is summer going to be here? I wore my winter coat to work once last week. It's almost June for heavens sake.
  19. If I want to see Sex and the City in theaters, I'll probably have to go alone.
  20. Why do I find the O.C. entertaining?
  21. Remember to restart the dryer in the morning because I'm too lazy to get up and fold the clothes in it now and they'll all be wrinkly by then.
  22. Go to target and get my glasses adjusted.
  23. Transfer that money in my bank account.
  24. I'm going to be 24 in a few months. That is depressing on so many levels.
  25. I need some chapstick.
  26. Retail therapy didn't really help, so now what?
  27. All my friends are married.
  28. Why am I so reserved around people?
  29. What am I reserving?
  30. Why does it take so long for money to transfer to and from ING?
  31. Am I supposed to be doing something with the money in my IRA or do I just let it sit there?
  32. I really need a new email address. Tanya isn't a person! It's TAN YA BUNS OFF
  33. Switching everything over will be a pain. Is there a way to just have everything forwarded?
  34. I should delete my Facebook and Myspace. They bug me.
  35. Is it Myspace or MySpace?
  36. How do people afford $1000 dollar handbags and $500 shoes.
  37. My car needs gas. Uggh. There's another $50 spent.
  38. Why can't they come up with a car that runs on water.
  39. I wonder what it would be like to be able to pack up my life into one suitcase.
  40. When is it my turn?
  41. How come everyone can knit but me?
  42. No wonder I'm single. I want to knit like a 70 year old woman.
  43. I should break down that puzzle, I'm never going to finish it.
  44. Why do I struggle to sleep the past few months? Oh wait. Maybe its all this useless crap floating in my mind.
  45. I wonder if getting this all on paper, or webpage, or whatever will help me relax and sleep tonight?
  46. I guess I'll never know, I already took an Ambien.
  47. When will someone see?
  48. I don't want to go to Home Depot tomorrow.
  49. I could redecorate my room.
  50. Maybe go with red stuff again.
  51. I hope Mom can give me a ride if they can fix my car.
  52. I'm tired.
  53. It doesn't really matter what I want.
  54. Being an adult is over rated.
  55. Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers were the coolest thing ever.
  56. Seth Cohen is awesome. And he doesn't even exist.
  57. Now I'm too hot. There is NO happy-medium in here.
  58. Tomorrow I'll work out.
  59. Riiiiight.
  60. I want a coke.
  61. My new green bra is really cute.
  62. I hate this size of being in between sizes. Nothing fits right and its frustrating.
  63. Stop twisting your hair.
  64. I'm cranky because I'm hungry.
  65. Mets won, finally.
  66. I'd like a pedicure. And a hug.
  67. Well that toothpaste is gross. I should get something new.
  68. I should really go to the dentist for a check up.
  69. Thanks for showing me the trick to breaking into my car Holli, it came in nicely today when I was too lazy to walk the 3 flights of stairs for my keys.
  70. I hope tomorrow is busy.
  71. I'm pretty sure God put me on this earth to do something more with my mind than think about any of the above mentioned 70 things. I just haven't figured out exactly what that is.
  72. I need to say my prayers more.
  73. And count my blessings.
  74. I wonder if there are any new apartment listings on Craigslist.
  75. Nope, I just checked. There's nothing new.
  76. I wonder if Nintendo is really coming out with that stripper game for Wii.
  77. This post isn't going to have a picture. Weird. All the others do.
  78. I should really try not to start posts with "Well" or "Soo".
  79. Bummer. I missed the "List of things that must go" this morning.
  80. I'll listen to the podcast I guess.
  81. Wow, don't worry that I totally got sidetracked for ten minutes reading another blog.
  82. I'm giving myself ten more minutes to finish this.
  83. I want a puppy.
  84. I need a massage. My back is messed up.
  85. I'm so happy I didn't have a headache today.
  86. It can't be 11:30 already.
  87. I need to go to bed
  88. Turns out there isn't quiet 99 things on my mind right now, but close enough. I'm going to bed.

23 May 2008

Slow as a DEAD Turtle

Oh my goodness. So I drove to Murray today to pick up some t-shirts for work. On my way up there I saw a truck and a trailer turned over on the south-bound side of the freeway. SCARY!! The traffic was all backed up. But I was going north-bound and figured it would all be cleaned up and cleared out by the time I was on my way back. WRONG!!! It took me 1 hour to go 3 miles. It took me a good hour and 45 minutes to get back to the office. Ughh. Good thing I had my new iPod to keep me entertained.

19 May 2008

New Loves

Sex and the City: LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I can't wait for May 30th when the movie comes out. P.S. I have 7 tickets to go (you get one with each season you buy, yes that means I've bought all 7 of them hehehe) so anyone who wants to come is welcome.

These girls are HILARIOUS. I know some of the situations are unrealistic, but some of them are so true! Dating can be terrible. Charlotte is my favorite. She is such a sweetheart and I love how she's always so optimistic about relationships and love. I wish I could be more like her, as I tend to be more of a pessimist like Miranda. I love when Carrie is with Aiden, he's my favorite. Big is alright I guess, but Aiden is soo sweet to her. I am sad that I am almost finished with this series! I'll need something new to watch, any suggestions? I'm thinking about starting Weeds or Big Love next.

Instant Pudding: You stir it up and in 5 minutes you've got a tasty treat! YUM! My favorites are butterscotch and pistachio. Chris made me some (go Chris go) the last time I was in Tampa and it was so good! Not as good as ice cream (obviously), but there is a lot less calories :)

15 May 2008

iPod Touch

She's in the mail on her way to me!! YAY!! New iPOD!!!

14 May 2008


This is me today. I couldn't sleep until 4am, I don't know why. I need a Diet Rockstar. Thanks, bye.

09 May 2008



08 May 2008

You'll lose fingers

I opened the fridge this afternoon to find this..

Cafe Rio could be worth a finger or two.

02 May 2008

Brand Personality Test

At work I get quiet a bit of junk snail mail, most of which I just throw away. But today, I got a small box, hand addressed to me personally. I had no idea who it was from or what was inside. The top of the box had a pretty cute sticker on it that says nothing more than "Pick a Color". Instantly, I was interested in seeing what was inside. I opened up the box and found a box of crayons! CRAYONS! I love crayons! (PS. I am so easily amused.) Still I had no idea what this company was or why they sent me such an awesome little present. But, along with the crayons was a post card and a business card. The post card directed me to go to the site listed on the back of the crayons and "see what happens". Ha ha well, at this point I had to go and take a look! So I go to the site and it's a survey to make you think more about your personal brand identity. The survey was very colorful and asked a couple of cool questions. You get to chose a color, pick a car, someone you admire, etc. They take your answers and then give you explanations of what your choices say about you and your personality. Anyway, here's my answers. For the most part they are pretty accurate descriptions of me.

Color: So, I see that you picked the color Red, very interesting. Your selection of Red typifies a “Ruler” brand personality. This means that your deepest desire is to control and your outlook on life is to exert your leadership skills ASAP, in any situation, so somebody else doesn’t muddle it up. I bet you’re thinking this whole survey could have used your two cents.

Hero: Your choice of Meg Ryan as a role model was especially interesting. Using our complex interpretative skills, this means you admire “Innocent” type of individuals and most likely picture yourself in the same category. This means that your primary strategy in life is to do things in such a way that you can do it right the first time and never look back. You figure life is too short for regrets or second-guessing, so why compromise?

Movie: Your selection of Harry Potter indicates that, while relaxing, you display “Magician” traits. A proper translation informs me that your primary goal in life is to make dreams come true—you’re able to accomplish dreams that seem impossible to most.

Transport: What kind of person are you behind the wheel? Well, your selection of Hummer says you should own a bumper sticker saying “Honk if you’ re a ‘Ruler’.” This means that the gifts you offer those around you are responsibility and leadership. Others feel more confident knowing that you are running the show and that causes you joy and peace of mind. You might want to consider running for President of the United States or your local rotary club.

Snack: Yummm… your selection of Chocolate means you’ve got great taste in vending machine cuisine. It also means that you are most like a “Lover” brand personality. This means that in addition to your snack of choice, you might also enjoy eating Haagan Daas, wearing Chanel, dating someone who wears nothing but Victoria Secret or Calvin Klein underwear, all while watching Cinderella in a plush loveseat.

Kinda interesting huh? After some research I found that the company is Jibe Media based out of SLC. I'm still unsure how they got my information, but apparently they are good at coming up with ad campaigns as I'm sure I did exactly what they wanted. You can take your own test here.
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