29 June 2009

Favorite Responsibility

So I am in charge of the mail and our office supplies at work and I know this may sound dumb, but I totally get excited when the Staples catalogs come with our big monthly coupons!! Because of our ordering status with them, we are Platinum Members' they send us certain discount/coupons to use on future orders. But they are always huge coupons. So anyway, ordering and keeping track of office supplies is probably one of my favorite things to do for Doba. I absolutely love office supplies! Staples is to me like Toys R Us is to kids.

So today, I go to our storage room see what we are low on, things we need to restock, and then I add that to the list of things employees have requested. So I compile all of these lists and then login to www.Staples.com and get to ordering! It's great! In my account they keep track of frequently purchased items for easy reordering and if your cart is more than $50 you get free shipping!

So I placed a rather large order today, but then added all of my coupons and free gifts and I just watched the prices drop! It was great. Oh and the order will be here tomorrow morning! Perfect! I love Staples.com!

Seed Supply Co.

So I went to Walmart this weekend for a few random things and walked through their clothing department. I found these babies! Seed Supply Co is a Walmart clothing line that is 100% organic cotton. They are lightweight and they are totally cute, and only $6-$10 each! They make tees, tanks, leggings, skirts, and I even saw a little shawl thing. Anyway, I bought 3 because I thought they were super cute. They make great layering shirts or you could wear them alone. I love that they come in lots of colors too. Anyway, head to Walmart and pick some up, you can't beat a $6 tee.

28 June 2009

New Digs

It's been a little over a month since I've moved into my new place and I still love it! I am 99% unpacked and settled. I am only missing a few things, like some artwork and curtains, but those will come when I find stuff I like. Below are a few pictures. There aren't any pictures of my bedroom or my bathroom, mostly because I didn't want to clean them or make my bed. Plus, I know that I posted pictures of those in my old place, but I'm starting to feel like those are really personal spaces and I don't know that I really want them up for anyone to see. Just know that my bedroom is totally the cutest room in the house. I'd like to have a little get together sometime soon, not really a housewarming, but kind of. I'm not sure how much of a turn out there would be though, if anyone would be interested let me know! My Dad would probably help me make little tasty treats and we'll make drinks! Yes that would be fun!
Yes that is a fan to keep me and Tonk cool when we sit outside
and we each have our own chairs, like an old married couple.

My chair

Tonka's chair

Dining Room
I need curtains and something on the wall

Probably my least favorite part of the house because its not very open.
Opposite of the fridge is a large pantry and lots of cabinet space

Living room

This is my favorite! There isn't a lot of room for these so we stacked them and my Dad mounted them to the wall. It's like a DVD libary! Complete with a little ladder for me to reach the ones on top!
I will eventually paint the steps black or find something else so it matches.
I also need to update a few of the pictures in that diamond frame.

Guest bathroom

Office/spare bedroom
This room needs some help. I may put up my puzzles eventually,
but haven't gotten around to it quiet yet.

My closet!
Oh it's perfect. So organized and clean. Ha ha.
I want to get some sort of cute little girl sayings to go right above my shoes.
Let me know if anyone finds something!

24 June 2009

Tooth, Tonka, Baseball

Today was another fairly crappy day. My tooth still kills and the dentist told me to basically let the antibiotics work..um yeah, well they've been "working" for 3 days now. It feels better when I am laying down rather than sitting or standing but, whatever. I go back again to the endodontist Tuesday. I tried to get my mind off the heartbeat in my tooth tonight by sitting in my chair on the balcony to read for a few minutes, but it didn't really help. Tonka did give me kisses though.

Speaking of Tonka, he is in BIG TROUBLE. I am so upset with him I don't even know what to do. I have picture of what he did, but I'm scared someone from rental management will see them and I'll get in trouble before I can attempt to fix it. I'll post them one day after the steam has stopped coming out my ears. Actually I'll put them on Facebook, I control who sees that. You can see it at www.facebook.com/meagenridley in the Tonka pictures folder. Add me if we aren't already friends. Let's just say he closed the bedroom door on himself and thought he could dig his way out.

Even though my tooth was aching I went to the first Owlz game last night. They played Ogden and won 7-3. Holli and I drove up with Steve (thanks for driving!) and my parents went with Julie. It was a good game and I loved that my Dad came with us. I was a very long game though with my tooth and I was a touch naucsous from taking more pain meds than prescribed.

On the baseball front, we had one of our players (Trevor Pippin) from last year return so we (and by we I mean my parents and Holli) hosted him again. Unfortunately, he was released by the Angels yesterday and flew out this afternoon. I was really sad when I heard the news. He wasn't in our house very long last season due to an injury and I was really looking forward to getting to know him better this summer. I hope another team picks him up soon, he's very talented and would be a great asset to a team. Anyway, Owlz home opener tomorrow, 7PM. Everyone be there.

22 June 2009

So not what I had planned

I woke up this morning somewhat refreshed. I really did. Last night I celebrated Father's Day with my Dad, ate a really good dinner, cleaned my house, did all of the laundry, updated my blog and I slept well, even though I didn't fall asleep until after 12. I had a great weekend and I was determined to have a great week. I've been in kind of a funk the last few days and I decided this morning to make an honest effort to stop letting certain things bother me. So anyway, I wrote myself a note on the mirror, because that's what I do and got ready. As I was driving to work, my Endodontist called and asked if I could head to their offices right then to do the next step of my root canal. I thought, well that's kind of cool, I can get it over with first thing. Wrong. It was not cool at all.

This is my 3rd appointment for this root canal. My second appointment was cut short because my original dentist broke one of the files off inside one of the canals of the tooth. He could not get it out and the treatment could not be finished until it was, so he sent me to the Endodontist guy, and that was my appointment this morning. The Endodontist couldn't get the file out either, and was concerned with continuing to try because apparently my tooth has gotten re-infected since my 2nd appointment on Thursday. Ugh. So I have to do another round of antibiotics and go back in again next week. To top all of this off, I had an allergic reaction to the dental shield thing they put over your mouth to isolate the tooth. So my face is hugely swollen and red and itchy. Also, my jaw had to be open at a weird angle in attempt to get out the broken file, so it is really sore. So the Endodontist told me to get one of the heat back wraps and keep it around my jaw to help keep it loose. Ugh. Today was supposed to be good, and it just isn't. I wanted to get lots of things organized at work, start my excising again, and clean out the closet in my spare bedroom. But instead I am laying in bed with a heat pack wrapped around my red swollen face. Lame.

St. George - A novel

Holli and I went to St. George for a small vaca this weekend. It was soo much fun! We started our trip out right with official metal Slurpee straws! Oh yes, they keep the Slurpees cold longer and they are pink and red, our favorite colors! And they were only $.99 cents, so how could we not get them, right? They were totally made for US!
So after our straws we rented a little car (PS this totally made me want to sell/trade-in the Jeep and get a car. Good chance I may look into it this week.) packed up all our shit (which is a lot!) and hit the road. It was a quick drive both ways. We stayed at the Holiday Inn and totally relaxed. Tonka came with us and he was soo good. Seriously, we thought maybe he was sick or something because he was being so calm. He just layed in the backseat on his bed the way down and the way back he sat in between Holli and I on a pillow. So, we drove down Friday after work, got checked in to the hotel, and Holli relaxed with Tonka and I went to dinner with a friend.

Saturday we went to breakfast at a little cafe called The Bear Paw, recommended by the owner of Rock'n Dog's Resort (I highly recommend them for doggy day-care and boarding). I got a vanilla waffle which was super good. And I learned how to order eggs the way I like them, over hard. I hate runny yokes. Holli got pancakes and scrambled eggs and this warm vanilla milk thing.

After breakfast we hung out by the pool and got our tan on! I got a little sun, but Holli's legs got fried! Her lines are funny! The best part was when she went to get us waters and she brought them back in a bucket of ice. I don't know why I thought it was so funny, I guess I was just expecting a bottle and she brought it back chilled! No wonder she's in the hospitality industry.

After tanning we got ready and went to lunch at Jimmy John's, which was super tasty! And dinner at the Olive Garden. That place is always packed, everywhere! I don't get it. I mean it's good, but it's not THAT good. Well, actually my food and drink tasted pretty amazing, I'm not gonna lie. Ha ha. After dinner we went back to the hotel to relax, watch some Rescue Me, and I worked on the big project for Father's Day. I'll do another blog post about that once everything is up and running and ready to go.

The only glitch in our trip was the phone call we received at 11:30PM last night. I was working on the Father's Day stuff, Holli was online, Tonka was sound asleep on my lap and the front desk calls to ask us to move rooms. The hotel is a pet friendly location but we were supposed to be placed in the rooms they have on the outside of the building because of Tonka. Apparently, they had a complaint that he was barking. Okay, one, he was NOT barking. I would admit if he was, he wasn't. We had been with him for hours and he was asleep! And two, you do not call and tell as guest to move at 11:30PM especially when they are checking out the next morning at 8AM. Seriously people! If you are going to move us, do it as soon as the complaint comes in. Come to find out the complaint was issued FRIDAY night, the night we checked in, which is crap too, because Holli was with him all night long and there was no barking. Dumb. Anyway, Holli spoke to the desk and we didn't have to move. Of course we got it all straightened up after we had frantically packed all our crap. Whatever.

So anyway, we came home this morning and it was a much needed trip. We did forget to pick up our firefighter water bottles at the Loves station in Cedar City though. Boo. I guess we'll have to make another trip. Who wants to go?

Anyway, we took lots more pictures, I just didn't want this post to get out of hand. So you can find all of them at www.facebook.com/meagenridley.

21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

I love you Dad! You are smart, honest, strong, and honorable. I would be lucky to meet a man half as wonderful as you to spend the rest of my life with. I look up to you and I hope you know how much I love you, because it's as big as the sky. Happy Father's Day!

16 June 2009

14 June 2009

Bad Mood

I'm in a bad mood today and here's why.

I'm tired of this gloomy weather. It makes me depressed. I need the sunshine and warmth for my well-being. I have put up with doom and gloom for more than half the year, it's my turn to enjoy the outdoors. 

I couldn't pick my sleeping medicine up until Saturday. So Friday night I didn't sleep at all and it throws everything off and makes me grumpy. I have my drugs now and got plenty of sleep last night, but it still throws everything off. 

I miss my sister and nephew and soon to be brother in law. They are fun and a cute little family and I hate that they live in California. I wish they lived here.

I am so tired of dating or the lack there of or whatever. I don't understand guys. I don't know what I am doing wrong or not doing but nothing seems to work out. I just want someone to spend some time and have fun with. I don't want to get married anytime soon, I just want something to work out. I want someone that I can count on. I want to be a priority to someone. I need something to work out soon or I am afraid I am going to become too negative for anything to ever work out for me relationship-wise. Whatever.

My tooth hurts and is giving me a funny taste in my mouth. Oh and this isn't the one that was giving me all of the headache trouble. This is the one that I went in to get a cleaning and was told I needed another root canal and crown. I can not afford all of this tooth stuff. I cleared out all of my savings to move and fix the Jeep before that. There is nothing left and this new crown is going to be another $400, not to mention the $300 it costs to have the root canal its self. 

I am fat. I know I'm not FAT, but I'm fat. My favorite jeans ripped last week and I don't have any others that fit. I tried to get dressed this morning and just sat in my closet and cried because nothing fits me anymore. And I mean nothing.  I know this is totally in my control and when I stopped working out end of last summer everything just went down hill. But I'm just....fat.


11 June 2009


Madi and Kelvin came out for a surprise visit! I was sooo happy when my Mom woke me up at 6AM Monday morning to tell me they were here. Look how perfect he is! He is 6 weeks old and I just love him to pieces. I wish that Brady could have made it out with them, but he had to work. I miss you Brady!

06 June 2009

Pool Party

We had a pool party today for work. It was more fun that I thought it would be. I love the sun. Seriously, love. And now I'm sunburned and I took the top off on the Jeep this morning (thanks Dad)! Summer is goooood. :)

01 June 2009


Yep. Pretty much head over heals in LOVE with these Toms! And when you buy a pair, they donate a pair to a child in need. Which makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside! Now I need $44...

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