22 June 2009

St. George - A novel

Holli and I went to St. George for a small vaca this weekend. It was soo much fun! We started our trip out right with official metal Slurpee straws! Oh yes, they keep the Slurpees cold longer and they are pink and red, our favorite colors! And they were only $.99 cents, so how could we not get them, right? They were totally made for US!
So after our straws we rented a little car (PS this totally made me want to sell/trade-in the Jeep and get a car. Good chance I may look into it this week.) packed up all our shit (which is a lot!) and hit the road. It was a quick drive both ways. We stayed at the Holiday Inn and totally relaxed. Tonka came with us and he was soo good. Seriously, we thought maybe he was sick or something because he was being so calm. He just layed in the backseat on his bed the way down and the way back he sat in between Holli and I on a pillow. So, we drove down Friday after work, got checked in to the hotel, and Holli relaxed with Tonka and I went to dinner with a friend.

Saturday we went to breakfast at a little cafe called The Bear Paw, recommended by the owner of Rock'n Dog's Resort (I highly recommend them for doggy day-care and boarding). I got a vanilla waffle which was super good. And I learned how to order eggs the way I like them, over hard. I hate runny yokes. Holli got pancakes and scrambled eggs and this warm vanilla milk thing.

After breakfast we hung out by the pool and got our tan on! I got a little sun, but Holli's legs got fried! Her lines are funny! The best part was when she went to get us waters and she brought them back in a bucket of ice. I don't know why I thought it was so funny, I guess I was just expecting a bottle and she brought it back chilled! No wonder she's in the hospitality industry.

After tanning we got ready and went to lunch at Jimmy John's, which was super tasty! And dinner at the Olive Garden. That place is always packed, everywhere! I don't get it. I mean it's good, but it's not THAT good. Well, actually my food and drink tasted pretty amazing, I'm not gonna lie. Ha ha. After dinner we went back to the hotel to relax, watch some Rescue Me, and I worked on the big project for Father's Day. I'll do another blog post about that once everything is up and running and ready to go.

The only glitch in our trip was the phone call we received at 11:30PM last night. I was working on the Father's Day stuff, Holli was online, Tonka was sound asleep on my lap and the front desk calls to ask us to move rooms. The hotel is a pet friendly location but we were supposed to be placed in the rooms they have on the outside of the building because of Tonka. Apparently, they had a complaint that he was barking. Okay, one, he was NOT barking. I would admit if he was, he wasn't. We had been with him for hours and he was asleep! And two, you do not call and tell as guest to move at 11:30PM especially when they are checking out the next morning at 8AM. Seriously people! If you are going to move us, do it as soon as the complaint comes in. Come to find out the complaint was issued FRIDAY night, the night we checked in, which is crap too, because Holli was with him all night long and there was no barking. Dumb. Anyway, Holli spoke to the desk and we didn't have to move. Of course we got it all straightened up after we had frantically packed all our crap. Whatever.

So anyway, we came home this morning and it was a much needed trip. We did forget to pick up our firefighter water bottles at the Loves station in Cedar City though. Boo. I guess we'll have to make another trip. Who wants to go?

Anyway, we took lots more pictures, I just didn't want this post to get out of hand. So you can find all of them at www.facebook.com/meagenridley.


Anonymous said...

I prefer mine over medium. I like to dip my bacon in the yolk.

tiffany said...

those straws are awesome!!!! i want one, and your pix are super cute!

-nickk and whitleyy- said...

aww! fun! take me next time. lol i've never been ANYWHERE!

Ryan and Shell said...

Love the hippie sign. I am always in for road trips fyi.. :) tonka looks soooo cute in his lil bed!

*JandH* said...

I miss St. George SO much, Jaron and I use to live there, and unfortunately had to move back up to be closer to family for Nora. Lame. I'd totally be fine with still living down there. But it's not fair to Nora or Grandparents. Glad you had fun, you made ULTRA jealous! Wish I could just pick up and leave, can't any more.

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