29 June 2009

Favorite Responsibility

So I am in charge of the mail and our office supplies at work and I know this may sound dumb, but I totally get excited when the Staples catalogs come with our big monthly coupons!! Because of our ordering status with them, we are Platinum Members' they send us certain discount/coupons to use on future orders. But they are always huge coupons. So anyway, ordering and keeping track of office supplies is probably one of my favorite things to do for Doba. I absolutely love office supplies! Staples is to me like Toys R Us is to kids.

So today, I go to our storage room see what we are low on, things we need to restock, and then I add that to the list of things employees have requested. So I compile all of these lists and then login to www.Staples.com and get to ordering! It's great! In my account they keep track of frequently purchased items for easy reordering and if your cart is more than $50 you get free shipping!

So I placed a rather large order today, but then added all of my coupons and free gifts and I just watched the prices drop! It was great. Oh and the order will be here tomorrow morning! Perfect! I love Staples.com!


The Angry Georgian said...

You. Are. One. Weird. Kid.
I love their shipping too. I ordered my desk and they had it at my door the next day, even though I live out in the boonies. Shortly after I ordered a printer and bam, right there at my door the next day.
They just opened one around the corner in our new out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere shopping center. Love it!

Julie said...

Yay a fellow nerd! I love OfficeMax. I have been know to browse and have a worker ask me if I need help finding something - "no thanks, just browsing!"

Meagen said...

My order arrived today and I was so sad I didn't have time to go through it and put it away!

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