28 June 2009

New Digs

It's been a little over a month since I've moved into my new place and I still love it! I am 99% unpacked and settled. I am only missing a few things, like some artwork and curtains, but those will come when I find stuff I like. Below are a few pictures. There aren't any pictures of my bedroom or my bathroom, mostly because I didn't want to clean them or make my bed. Plus, I know that I posted pictures of those in my old place, but I'm starting to feel like those are really personal spaces and I don't know that I really want them up for anyone to see. Just know that my bedroom is totally the cutest room in the house. I'd like to have a little get together sometime soon, not really a housewarming, but kind of. I'm not sure how much of a turn out there would be though, if anyone would be interested let me know! My Dad would probably help me make little tasty treats and we'll make drinks! Yes that would be fun!
Yes that is a fan to keep me and Tonk cool when we sit outside
and we each have our own chairs, like an old married couple.

My chair

Tonka's chair

Dining Room
I need curtains and something on the wall

Probably my least favorite part of the house because its not very open.
Opposite of the fridge is a large pantry and lots of cabinet space

Living room

This is my favorite! There isn't a lot of room for these so we stacked them and my Dad mounted them to the wall. It's like a DVD libary! Complete with a little ladder for me to reach the ones on top!
I will eventually paint the steps black or find something else so it matches.
I also need to update a few of the pictures in that diamond frame.

Guest bathroom

Office/spare bedroom
This room needs some help. I may put up my puzzles eventually,
but haven't gotten around to it quiet yet.

My closet!
Oh it's perfect. So organized and clean. Ha ha.
I want to get some sort of cute little girl sayings to go right above my shoes.
Let me know if anyone finds something!


tiffany said...

super cute!!!

*JandH* said...

looks like fun, I love nesting. I would look at Target, they have vinyl stickers that aren't permanent and are way cute sayings! :)

jayni said...

so cute. I want you to have a get together so I can come see it in real life. Good job. I still can't believe all your dvd's. hahah you kill me.

Anonymous said...

I'd so come if you had a housewarming if we lived in the same state.
Tonk is so spoiled. He gets the throne and you get the stool. Must be nice. :)

-nickk and whitleyy- said...

these are the places that nick and i were looking into! i loooove them! cute girl cute! :]

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