28 February 2009

Thanks Tonk. I really wanted to buy new glasses

All the little bumps? Yeah, those would be love bites left by Tonka.

26 February 2009


Oh tank tops, tube tops, and flippy flops... I'll take you out soon. We'll go to baseball games, rides with the top off on the Jeep, and playing in the sun! I promise.
(PS those 4 little cubes are just my "winter" flip flops. I wear them to take the trash out or whatever really quick. Ha ha, I have a whole box of summer flip flops waiting to be opened and worn.)

25 February 2009

Idol Observations

I'm a new watcher of American Idol. I've never watched a whole episode, much less an entire season ever before. But I've been tuning in each week with season 8 and here's a few things I've noticed.
  1. Quit hating on Simon. The constant booing is obnoxious.
  2. Paula needs less eye makeup.
  3. The contestants that hold up their number at the end must go. You look like an idiot when you do that. Please stop.
  4. The only person that can sing Michael Jackson songs, is Michael Jackson. Please stop trying.
  5. Megan Joy Corkery? I can not handle her voice, it's way too nasal-y for me. And she looks like a fish flopping around on the ground hoping it lands in water. Stop wiggling.
  6. Adam Lambert. I love him. Try and tell me he doesn't make you want to get up and dance. And his smile? Melt me much? Umm Yeah. He rocks my world.

23 February 2009

Like mother, like dog

I don't have any idea where Tonka may have picked up this straw habit... Ha ha

22 February 2009

25 Things about ME!

This has been making the rounds everywhere and I thought I'd participate. 
  1. I don't like anything mint flavored unless it's green.
  2. I can't eat in the dark. Even if it's only popcorn. 
  3. I have had the same cell phone number since my junior year of high school. But I've had 3 different service carriers. (PS AT&T sucks ass)
  4. I will only buy Fiji water.
  5. I will buy a DVD, even if I don't like it, because it's part of a series.
  6. I am loyal to a fault.
  7. I want to know what it feels like to be shot. I don't know why. (PS This is NOT an invitation for someone to shoot me.)
  8. I love people's court daytime tv shows. Like Judge Alex and Christina's Court. And Divorce Court. They are hilarious.
  9. I've never been bowling. Ever.
  10. I have the most comfortable bed in the world. Seriously.
  11. I can touch my nose with my tongue. (Funny that I mention this one right after the one about my bed. HAAA. WOOO)
  12. My Mom will laugh hysterically at #10 and #11. I promise. That's one of the reasons I love her.
  13. I have not eaten fast food in over a year. See here. And here.
  14. I'm blind as a bat. Seriously. I can't see my hand held in front of my face without my glasses or contacts.
  15. I was a gymnast for over 10 years.
  16. I have had surgery 5 different times. Appedix removed, ovarian cysts removed (twice), gall bladder removed, shoulder rebuilt.
  17. I always make a wish at 12:34.
  18. I once turned the family laundry room into my bedroom. Don't ask.
  19. I want some of these shoes. BAD. And these boots. I found them on my friend Jessica's new blog.
  20. I love baseball. The smells. The field. The sound of a bat connecting with a ball. LOVE it. 
  21. I am a car baby. I'll fall asleep going to Lehi if I'm not driving.
  22. I have seasonal depression. Bad.
  23. I want to buy a tanning bed. 
  24. I want to be one of those crazy-tan leathery-skinned old ladies, who sun bathes all day long and goes to baseball games every night.
  25. I clean when I'm stressed. Lately, my house is spotless.

21 February 2009


Well friends and blog stalkers, my vow off fast food has been renewed. For those that do not know, I have not eaten fast food in over a year. I classify fast food as any place with a drive through. It absolutely disgusts me. But, my disgust for it does not exclude me from picking it up for others. I am an executive assistant and part of my job includes picking up lunches from time to time. So I was tasked to pick up lunch for our sales team at work Friday. The task wasn't the problem. It was the details of the task. I was asked to pick up 60 soft tacos from Del Taco. OMG. Hold.Back.The.Puke. It was like de'ja vu. My past Taco Bell experience flashed through my mind. Ughhhh. I'm not sure how I went through with it, but I did. I persevered. Go me go.

16 February 2009

For Sale

I am selling some of Tonka's old puppy clothes and food bowls. He's outgrown them. Everything is clean and in good condition. The clothes will fit a dog 4-8lbs. I am asking $5 for each piece of clothing or $18 for all of them, and $5 for the food bowls. Leave a comment or email me at tanyabunsoff at gmail if you are interested.

New Bedroom

I've been itching to change around my room again lately and I went ahead and did it this weekend. First, I found a new bed set at Walmart that I really really loved. But it was $100 and it didn't go with the photos I already had on my walls, which I didn't want to change. If you haven't seen them, one is a black and white of an old wooden boat and house, and the others are 6 shots I took while in Boston in 2007. I love them all and wanted to keep those with the new theme. I also wanted to add darker colors into the room. There was too much white. So Holli and I headed to Ikea and I got a new comforter, a new chair, throw blanket, and rug.

I flipped the bed around to make room for the chair and ended up taking out one of the night stands. The before can be seen here. Here is the after:

PS: What do we think of the captions on the photos? Yes? No? They add a lot of extra time when it comes to putting together a post, but I think it's cute.

15 February 2009

My FABULOUS Dinner Party!

I had a dinner party with my fabulous familia tonight and here's some pictures! Even Tonka got a fabulous dinner.

14 February 2009

Mrs. Dr. Vet

Ummm....I'm in L.O.V.E. With my dog's vet. He he! He gave Tonk his last round of shots last night. He has that whole McSteamy-greying-beard thing going on. Like this.

That gives me the chills. And he helps animals. And is there anything sweeter than that. Well, maybe helping people, but people doctors keep crappy hours. However, at this point, I'd be happy with someone's attention for more than 15 minutes. I don't know this vet's name though. Regardless, I want to be Mrs. Dr. Vet. Ah, doesn't that sound fabulous? Ha ha. Don't laugh. This is my dream. And I'm a single girl on Valentine's day. So let me dream dammit.

13 February 2009

Tigitty-Tag and Twitter

I was tagged in a photo tag by The Angry Georgian. So here goes. Open your photos folder and post the first picture.

Okay, so it wasn't the very first photo. It was the first in a folder I created. And let's face it, a picture of Tonk mid-air is a little funny.

PS. I've joined Twitter, so boost my ego and become a follower of meee!

PSS. I tag Amy Hanks, Holli Ridley, Madi Ridley, and Mom Ridley


I was going through the photos on my iPhone and came across this gem. I totally forgot about her. And her hair. I was walking behind her in Harmon's a few days ago. The picture is a bit blurry because I was walking and trying to take it. But check out her hair! It's one big curly poof at the top! And we won't even discuss the coloring. Or lack there of. Ha ha. Oh, and Holli and Mom, no this is not who you think it is. But looks a lot like her hair-do!

12 February 2009


Well I think this is proof that my mailman/woman does in fact hate me. A little background, I hate checking the mail. I've been known to go days, even weeks, without checking it. I get soo much junk, I just hate going through it. So, that being said, my mailbox gets really full (insert 'that's what she said joke' here). It gets so full that things get smooshed. I imagine the mailperson cramming things in there then quickly closing the door before anything can fall out. Like when you shove things in the "junk" closet and the next person to open the door gets a nice little surprise? He he. I mean no..I don't do things like that.

Anyway, I've been waiting for a shipment from Proactiv for a while now and I was getting concerned that I hadn't seen it in the big packages box yet. So, I checked my little mailbox for the first time in a good week and found that the shipment was in there, instead of the packages box that it's usually delivered in. And now, I can not get it out. I have no idea how the mailperson got it in there. But it's stuck for good. Bummer.

11 February 2009

Butterfinger Buzz

An interesting concept, but I think I'll stick with getting my caffeine fix in the form of Coke. Mmm. Coke.

03 February 2009

To hell with February 3, 2009

I had a real shit-tastic day. Not one where you want to go back to bed and start over. No, the kind where you want to go to bed just so it's over, so you can start a whole new day. Because surely, tomorrow has to be better than today. Nothing really big or terrible happened, it was just one of those days. It started off with a headache, which is no different than any other day, but a good solid foundation to my shit-tastic day. So I have a headache, I'm running late, and I can't find anything to wear. Someone will probably shoot me with a tranquilizer gun and tag my ear soon because that's how fat I feel lately, but that's a whole other issue. So I can't find anything to wear and my hair sucks, so I just wear a hat, which doesn't help my headache because it just adds to the pressure around my head.

Well I made it to work and we have a few new people starting today. Cool. I am in charge of on-boarding new hires, which means I make sure all of their paperwork is filled out correctly and our benefits and policies have been explained. Well all of that would go a whole lot smoother if our heavy duty copy machine were working. It wasn't. Everything I tried to copy would copy half the page crooked and then it would get jammed. Then each time I'd bend over to open up all of the paper compartments in an attempt to un-jam the jam, the brim of my hat would hit the top of the copier and pop up. Annoying, much? So I thought, okay, no big deal, I'll use our fax machine to make the three copies I needed. No. I won't. It was completely jammed too. Fine. I'll use the printer in my office to just print out new ones from the original soft copies. Do you think I could find the files anywhere on my computer or the office file server? No, of course not. Soon the repair man from Les Olsen came and fixed our heavy duty machine and I could do what I needed there. Thus phase one of my shit-tastic day.

Phase two. Everything is falling on the floor. And not just on the floor. It rolls under my desk or under the cabinet and I have to fish it out. The file drawer slams my finger. Then the cart I deliver mail on gets stuck in the elevator. Then everything on the cart slides around and I have to re-organize everyone's mail. Then the rubber band around the business cards snaps and they go everywhere. Seriously?

Phase three. I've craved a banana Slurpee all day long. Really. Since I woke up. So at lunch I made my way to the Sev on 1200 West and they had my banana Slurpee, but it wasn't frozen yet. Yes. I pour it in my cup and it's all liquid. All 'slurp' no 'ee'. So I went to the one on 800 North. Nope. They didn't even have banana. So I got pina colada instead. I'll be back tomorrow for banana.

Anyway, there is my poo day. On a happy note, I did get Tonka's nails trimmed and I did finally satisfy my bbq hamburger craving. But, I am still giving the bird to February 3, 2009.

02 February 2009

R.I.P Bumbles

I bought Tonka a little stuffed bear in a bumble bee outfit a few weeks ago, I affectionately named him Bumbles. Tonka went nuts when I gave him the new stuffed toy and would run up and down the hall with him in his mouth. Well I always leave a few things for Tonka on the bed when we go to sleep each night, usually some sort of "chewy" type thing (raw-hide stick or a doggy lolli-pop) and a stuffed toy. A few days ago I left Bumbles on the bed and the next morning this is what I woke up to. Poor Bumbles.

01 February 2009


Thursday night was interesting. I have about the same routine each night. I take my Ambien, then wash my face and brush my teeth. Then I play fetch with Tonka for about 5-10 min and by then the meds have kicked in and we are ready for bed. Well Thursday, I followed my normal routine, only we had a bit of an accident while playing fetch. I picked up a toy to throw it. Only as my arm went back, Tonka jumped for the toy and instead of getting it, he latched on to my thumb and I immediately had a big chunk of it missing. Ouch. I knew the bite wasn't going to need stitches, although I was concerned that Tonka hasn't finished all of his shots. So I immediately called my Mom and her and my Dad came over. Dad stayed and played with Tonk, while Mom took me to the ER. I don't really remember much of the rest of the night, because I had already taken my Ambien. But they gave me a Tetanus shot and sent me home. Apparently, anytime someone goes to the ER with a dog bite they are required to report it to the police. So while I was there an officer came down and took my statement. Like this little face could really hurt anyone.

Anyway, I'm fine, just thought I'd post some pictures. I look like hell, but hey, I was ready for bed when this all happened, thus I have zero make-up on.
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