21 February 2009


Well friends and blog stalkers, my vow off fast food has been renewed. For those that do not know, I have not eaten fast food in over a year. I classify fast food as any place with a drive through. It absolutely disgusts me. But, my disgust for it does not exclude me from picking it up for others. I am an executive assistant and part of my job includes picking up lunches from time to time. So I was tasked to pick up lunch for our sales team at work Friday. The task wasn't the problem. It was the details of the task. I was asked to pick up 60 soft tacos from Del Taco. OMG. Hold.Back.The.Puke. It was like de'ja vu. My past Taco Bell experience flashed through my mind. Ughhhh. I'm not sure how I went through with it, but I did. I persevered. Go me go.

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Anonymous said...

I think I might have to try this. I love fast food, always have, but when I'm sitting there eating it I can "see" the fat coursing through my veins. But it tastes so good I don't care. I hate it but I love it. Know what I mean?
In fact, I think I'll adopt that mantra until the end of March and see how I feel.

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