22 September 2010

26 @ 26 Project

I saw this done on another blog I follow from time to time and I thought it would be fun to have a few simple goals to accomplish while I'm twenty-six. I'll do my best to take photographs or keep some memorabilia from each goal then use them to create the 26@26 mini-book. If I like how the year goes I may continue the tradition each year starting on my birthday.

18 September 2010

8 Meals for $75

So it's kind of hard to cook at casa de Ridley because we don't eat a lot and someone is always sick, and there's only three of us and blah blah blah. Anyway Holli and I were tired of eating sandwiches and pop tarts so we decided to make a bunch of meals that we could freeze and then heat up when we wanted a bigger meal. So we made a list and went to Winco. We spent $75 and now we've got 8 meals and a batch of fruit salad and potato salad. I made one broccoli chicken casserole, two tater tot casseroles, 1 batch of chicken enchiladas and 1 batch of beef enchiladas. I also made 2 batches of chicken pineapple pitas. I also set aside enough meat to make some spaghetti! The best part is that we put everything into sizes that won't go to waste. I hate cooking a lasagna and 1/2 of it sits in the fridge for a week then eventually gets thrown out. So we got a few disposable foil containers that are the perfect size for 3 people and voila! Good meals in good sizes for a while. Go me go.

12 September 2010

Bad Boys II

This is one of my favorite scenes from any movie ever. And I just found out they are making a Bad Boys 3. YAY! Also, if language offends you don't watch this or learn to like it.

04 September 2010


Is the Comments Form on my posts broken? Or does no one have anything to say? I used to get 2-3+ comments from various people on each post regardless of the content. But now the last two months or so I am lucky to get 1 comment if that. Just wondering if the process is broken, my content sucks, or no one cares to comment anymore?
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