18 September 2010

8 Meals for $75

So it's kind of hard to cook at casa de Ridley because we don't eat a lot and someone is always sick, and there's only three of us and blah blah blah. Anyway Holli and I were tired of eating sandwiches and pop tarts so we decided to make a bunch of meals that we could freeze and then heat up when we wanted a bigger meal. So we made a list and went to Winco. We spent $75 and now we've got 8 meals and a batch of fruit salad and potato salad. I made one broccoli chicken casserole, two tater tot casseroles, 1 batch of chicken enchiladas and 1 batch of beef enchiladas. I also made 2 batches of chicken pineapple pitas. I also set aside enough meat to make some spaghetti! The best part is that we put everything into sizes that won't go to waste. I hate cooking a lasagna and 1/2 of it sits in the fridge for a week then eventually gets thrown out. So we got a few disposable foil containers that are the perfect size for 3 people and voila! Good meals in good sizes for a while. Go me go.

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