31 March 2011

In Person vs Phone Interviews

My next post, In Person vs Phone Interviews, for The Career Effect is up! So if you've got a minute head over there and tell me what you think!

As far as jobs go, I had two interviews today that went well and I have one (almost) lined up for tomorrow as well! Just waiting to hear on the exact time. The two today were for local (Orem) companies, a receptionist position and an executive assistant at the other. To be honest, I wasn't super impressed with either, but I'd make the best of working at both if given the chance. I should hear back early next week about 2nd interviews. I am actually really excited about the interview tomorrow. I don't have any experience in this particular field, but it could be really cool! We'll see how it goes. Anyway, everyone check out my article!

29 March 2011

Returning to an active routine

So I am slowly trying to get my butt back into an active routine. On Sunday, my Dad took me to the tennis courts to play. I've never played tennis once in my life, but I have to say that I did surprisingly well. It was really fun actually and I am hoping to go again tomorrow if the weather permits. My arm/elbow are pretty sore today from swinging the racket, but otherwise no harm done. I love learning things from my Dad. He is an amazing athlete and teacher.

Today my Dad and I went to the Orem Rec Center for a work out. He started in the weight room and I immediately jumped on the treadmill. I knew I didn't want to push it too hard since it's been a year since I was working out on a regular basis so I started out just walking at a 2.5 pace and then increased it to about a 3.3. After my little warm up I decided I wasn't going to be able to run the full 30 mins so I decided to run (at a 4.4 speed) every other song. It worked out pretty well. I'd like to go 3-4 times a week so I can get back down to my normal size. Wish me luck!

27 March 2011

Man Candy...Don't they make your Sunday better?

Jon Hamm
 Christian Bale
 Dean Winters
 Heath Ledger
 Leonardo Dicaprio
Mark Wahlburg

21 March 2011

Things that must go

  • The word 'loaf'
  • The Netflix "Retrieving" screen
  • Couples who share a Facebook Page
  • Jimmer
  • Women who post about their time of the month on Facebook
  • Diuretics
  • My laptop scratching my arm
  • Running out of Coke and Dr Pepper
  • Saving Grace only having 3 seasons
  • Anyone that puts 'Mr. or Mrs.' in their pet's names (ie Mr. Tinker, Mrs Spottyboots)
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