21 March 2011

Things that must go

  • The word 'loaf'
  • The Netflix "Retrieving" screen
  • Couples who share a Facebook Page
  • Jimmer
  • Women who post about their time of the month on Facebook
  • Diuretics
  • My laptop scratching my arm
  • Running out of Coke and Dr Pepper
  • Saving Grace only having 3 seasons
  • Anyone that puts 'Mr. or Mrs.' in their pet's names (ie Mr. Tinker, Mrs Spottyboots)


John Pender said...

Couples that share a Facebook account really irk me. And people that only show pictures of their kids and not themselves.

Mark Lundgren said...

Mrs. Spottyboots??

Alissa said...

Ugh...couples who share facebook pages and Jimmer. I'm over them both.

Good post!

LaCimOuRiTsEn said...

Can't you have some confidence in your spouse...Get your own Facebooks!!
I'm hoping Utah Jazz gets Jimmer in the draft, SO I kind of like him. The lame-overrated status updates about him need to go.
Loaf? Never thought of that one! Ha Ha Ha!

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