29 February 2008

Good Luck Chris

I just wanted to tell Chris (and all the other minor league players I know) good luck at spring training. Chris reports to Tempe, AZ super early tomorrow morning and I know he's going to do an amazing job! He's worked really hard since last season (and his whole life, obviously) for this opportunity and I feel very lucky to have such an awesome example of dedication and going after your dreams in my life. Good luck Chris.

28 February 2008


I'm blah. Oh so very blaahh.

26 February 2008


Well, I'm back from Tampa and I had a great time. I'm so happy I could spend a few days with Chris before he's off to spring training. He makes me soo happy! I hope I do the same for him. Here's a picture we took before going to Maggiano's for dinner on Sunday. I look terrible in it (I mean really, what is my smile??) but Chris looks great, as usual. :)

We only took one picture while I was there, lol we suck. I did take a sweet one from the plane on the flight down there though. I was on cloud nine (pun intended ha ha), so excited to see him.

Chris took me to a scrapbook store (The Scrapbook Shoppe) while I was there too. I was impressed with how much space and supplies this place had. Being from Utah, the scrapbook meca, I didn't expect to find much, but I ended up buying some really cute papers that I've never seen at any store here before. I bought the paper for a bookbinding project, which should be cute when finished. I'm also going to start scrapbooking all of Chris Tampa Baseball stuff. I'm not sure if he wants me to do it because I can scrapbook fairly well or if he's trying to keep my mind occupied so I won't sit and go crazy thinking about how much I really miss him. Ha ha, he's so sweet. Either way, I am excited to work on it.

Let's see, what else. Oh, don't break your tail bone and then try to sit on a plane for a few hours, it will hurt. Southwest left my luggage in Tampa on my flight home. And to be quite honest, I was more sad that I would have to spend a night without Bootz, than I was about my clothes or anything else in my bag. Ha. Anyway, I just wanted to give everyone an update!

20 February 2008

Leavin on a jet plane

I'm going to Tampa to see Chris tomorrow. YAY! And it's going to be warm there, I'm so excited to wear shorts and flip flops I could pee my pants!!

15 February 2008

Charlie Bartlett

Ha. This movie looks great.

14 February 2008

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone. I hope it's awesome.

09 February 2008

Home Office

Well, after 2 years, I've finally done something with my spare bedroom. I've set up a home office. I've got a space to do crafts and another desk for my sewing machine. I love it. I do need a new chair because that one actually goes to my kitchen table set. But it's pretty cute, huh?

07 February 2008

Survivor: Micronesia

YAY! Survivor starts tonight! It's fans vs favorites and I am sooo happy they did not bring back Stephanie AGAIN. I mean how many chances will they give that girl? Here's who's going to be on the show. Anyway, everyone watch! Starts at 7pm MST.

05 February 2008

Cell Phone Graveyard

It's ridiculous how many phones I've gone through in the last 6 years.

04 February 2008

Cell Phones for Soldiers

I came across the website www.cellphonesforsoldiers.com (thanks Chris) and have decided to set up a cell phone drop-site. Cell Phones for Soldiers is an organization created by two teenagers in Massachusetts in 2004. They collect old cell phones and send them to ReCellular for recycling. ReCellular pays them for each donated phone and with the money received, prepaid calling cards are purchased and sent to soldiers overseas. Each recycled phone equals one hour of talk time for a solider. Isn't that cool? Yes, of course it is! We've all got cell phones laying around that we have no idea what to do with. So let's donate them to this awesome cause. Anyway, I have a goal of collecting 50 phones by March 3, 2008. If you have a phone you'd like to donate let me know!

02 February 2008

Things that must go...again

A few more things that need to go-
  • Taxes
  • Headaches
  • People who drive diesel trucks and leave them running while in the drive through lane at the bank or at fast food places. They are TOO loud. No one can hear the tellers talking!
  • Winter
  • Waking up in the middle of the night because it's too hot
  • The knitting book that did not teach me how to knit
  • The water/liquid that's been in my ear since October and I've been to the doctor for it at least 3 times
  • The lady at Target who bought her kid a pair of shoes and then proceeded to put them on her shoe-less child right in the middle of the check stand isle. Um...hello, the 4 people in line behind you would like to buy their stuff and leave the store..MOVE.
  • On the same note, all the women who like to put their wallets and purses all back in order at the check stand after they have completed their transactions..Keep the line moving girls!
  • The stupid groundhog that didn't see his shadow.
  • People who put 3 different bumper stickers on their cars supporting a political candidate. WE GET IT. You support Mitt Romney. One sticker would have been more than enough.
  • Bumper stickers
The last time I did this list there were a few people who thought I was being Negative-Ned. So, I'm adding a list of things that must stay this time.

Things that must stay-
  • My Grey's Anatomy valentine's - if you are a fellow Grey's addict, I will send you one, because only you would truly appreciate them. Ha.
  • My new green purse
  • Chris
  • Dove Promises
  • Wii - I dominate Tiger Woods Golf...basically I AM Tiger.
  • Netflix
  • Tanning beds
  • Shutterfly
  • My Family
  • The heater in my Jeep
  • The camera on my phone. It's ONLY good feature btw.

01 February 2008


I saw this display of Crocs at FYE. For those of you who don't know, FYE is an entertainment media store: i.e. cd's, movies, video games, books, etc. Why are shoes being sold here? I don't get it.
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