11 January 2008


Soo, Chris came to visit this past week. YAY!! We had a really good time together, I love spending time with him. I picked Chris up at the airport Sunday afternoon, after his flight was diverted to Boise because of the storm. The drive home was fine and the roads were clear. The drive up to the airport...not so fine. I thought I was going to die. The snow storm was crazy. 3 cars spun out in front of me and I saw 4 accidents. NOT FUN, but totally worth it. :)

Chris and I stayed at home and relaxed Sunday night. Monday, we made our way up the mountains to Sundance for a night. We stayed in a Sundance Suite and the room was really nice, except the T.V. was broken. It had a deck with chairs (covered in snow) and a really cute fireplace. Chris made us a fire and we tried to watch the latest episode of the office online (which was from like way back in Nov) and ended up watching the bonus features on the dvd's from previous seasons. P.S. The deleted scenes are great. Watch them if you have them.

Chris building the fire

Yet another self portrait of us

The chairs on the deck covered in snow

View from our deck

Unfortunately, both Chris and I came down with some sort of cold and were both sick the whole week, which was kind of a bummer but the rest of the week was spent relaxing and doing a puzzle.

1500 pieces

We also went to the mall for some repairs to Chris' watches. On our second trip to the mall we stopped into Build-A-Bear and we used the gift certificate Holli gave me for Christmas like 2 years ago. We built a little baseball bear (obviously), his name is Bootz. Squeeze his paw and "take me out to the ball game" plays. He's soo cute. P.S. Build-A-Bear is fun, I don't care how old you are.


We went out to dinner with my family at Carrabbas, which tasted pretty good. Chris left Thursday afternoon and I'll make another trip out to Tampa sometime in February to see him again. YAY!

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Sunni said...

YO... Sounded like you and Chris had a fun weekend together! You guys look cute together. Hope everything is going well! Love you, miss you, want you!

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