29 November 2007

A few of my new favorite things..

I was reading blogs the other day and came across this one Gemnasium. From what I can tell it's a business blog for this site. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what she is selling. The bags are unique and the jewelry is simple and classy. Here are a few of my favorites.

28 November 2007

Trans Siberian Orchestra

So we (my family and I) jumped into the Doba truck last night and headed up to SLC for Trans Siberian Orchestra. I was so excited that it was finally here I almost peed my pants! YAY! Anyway, so we are driving up for the concert and its snowing the entire way. Boo. I hate driving in the snow; it's slickery and you can't see the lines for the lanes, no beuno. Much to my surprise the traffic wasn't too bad and we made it to the E Center right at 7pm - show starts at 7:30pm. We parked the truck and walked up the stairs to the doors. Mean while, Moe and Dad are asking "Why aren't there any other cars in the lot?" "I don't see any workers inside." We get to the doors and try to go in. The doors are locked. Madi and Holli look at the tickets and point out that I'd taken us to the wrong venue! We were supposed to be at the Energy Solutions Arena! Ooops!! My bad. Apparently, I thought that the E Center was the Engergy Solutions Arena, and according to my family I will never live this mix up down. So we got back in the truck, Dad played navigator and we eventually got to the Energy Solutions Arena. Lucky for us the concert started a few minutes late so we didn't miss anything.

We had pretty good floor seats, middle section, 19th row. Except for the crazy guy in the Santa hat that gave every song a standing ovation in the row in front of us. And the lady sitting directly in front of me who decided it would be a good idea to poof and rat her hair as big as she possibly could and then attend a concert where the floor does not have stadium seating. I could smell her hairspray. I seriously thought her hair might catch on fire when they have the big flames at the end.

ANYWAY, all in all the show was AMAZING! TSO puts on the greatest show! They had new lights this year, and they were really good. The remainder of the show was the same and it was just as good as ever! I LOVE TSO! This was my 2nd time attending and the 1st for everyone else. We took a few pictures before we left, unfortunately, Madi didn't get into any of them because she was primping. We had a fun night and I'm glad everyone enjoyed the concert. Here are some cute pictures of us.

Holli & Jesse

Me & Dad

Mom & Dad

Holli & Dad

27 November 2007

My obsession

I have an obsession. I love movies. I love going to movies and watching them at home. I love buying a new DVD and taking the plastic off and seeing the shiny new disc. It's the best! The past 8 years or so my family has had a lot of health problems which a number of them have resulted in various surgeries. When I say various, I mean we once had 14 surgeries between the 5 of us in a 12 month span. Unfortunately, there is not much to do while being confined to your bed or the couch and t.v. gets old really quick, so we became big movie buffs. I have a collection of just under 500 DVD's of all genres. My parents have just under 300 in their collection, all of which are different from mine..so needless to say if you want to watch a movie, we've probably got it.

My new, well not new, but latest favorite thing is t.v. series on DVD. It's so nice. You don't have to watch commercials and you don't have to wait a whole week to see the next episode. I've currently started watching the FX series The Shield. Wow, it's good. Some of my favorite series are The Office, CSI, and Grey's Anatomy. I've watched those over and over again.

Another thing I like to do with DVD's is watch all of the extras that they give you. Gag reels, alternate endings, director/actor commentary. They're great. T.v. series on DVD will usually give you a whole disc of bonus materials and a lot of times it will have portions of the premier of the next season. Good stuff. Anyway, if anyone wants to borrow a movie let me know, I'll send you my list.

26 November 2007

Good luck Ruth Ann!

Ruth Ann and I became good friends while working at Doba. And she is awesome! I just love her. She has recently decided to move back to her hometown of Pinedale, Wyoming to be a dental assistant and I'm so happy for her! She's going to be a great dental assistant. Today was her last day of work at Doba and we had a good-bye lunch for her at Thai Chili Gardens. We had lots of people there, but unfortunately, this was the only picture I got and it was back at the office. I'm really going to miss her! She is one of the happiest people I know and I'm grateful she's my friend. Good luck Ruthy!!

Mom is Santa

24 November 2007

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

So I have a few Christmas decorations, but this year I decided to go big. I got a tree. It's perfect! Here's a picture-

22 November 2007

Christmas List

Christmas is kind of a big deal in my family. We wake up early (and by early I mean 4-5am) Christmas morning and open presents and usually eat orange rolls warm from the oven. Around Thanksgiving ever since I can remember, we make Christmas Lists. No matter how old you are in my family, you make a list of presents you'd like to see under the tree with your name. Every year the parentals go out with our lists and get what they can from them. So here's mine.


Oh happy day!!

When I got off the plane from Tampa I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me!! Yes, Holli and Jesse I loved seeing you, but it was one of my favorite candies in the whole world. Cadbury Mini Eggs!! Usually they only come but once a year at Easter, but Holli found a Christmas edition at Walgreen's and bought me a bag. YAY! I love these things!

21 November 2007

Bang Bang Shrimp

Chris took me to BoneFish Grill last night for dinner. We had Bang Bang Shrimp and OH MY GGA (ha ha Holli). It was SOO amazing. Oh my goodness it tasted so good. If you ever go there you have to get that appetizer. I had the Shrimp Fettuccini- yum! It was appropriately named SHRIMP fettuccini, because it had more shrimp and tomatoes and stuff than the pasta. I loved it! Most places it’s fettuccini and something and they give you like ½ a chicken breast cut up into 5 pieces, that’s no beuno. This was mucho beuno. Anyway, dinner was amazing. My trip to Tampa was perfect. I missed Chris so much, I’m so happy I could spend some time with him. He’s coming out to Utah soon, so let the countdown begin.

19 November 2007

Welcome to MOES!!! ...and Busch Gardens

Chris and I visited Busch Gardens today...SOOO much fun! I love going to theme parks with him because he'll go on all the rides!! First we went on Gwazi, its a really long wooden roller coaster. It was a little painful to the neck to ride, but still really fun. Next we tackled SheiKra. WHOA. Not only does it have one 90-degree straight down drop from 200 feet in the air at 70 mph..it has two! It was awesome! After SheiKra we went on Stanely Falls, Tanganyika Tidal Wave (where I got soaked, again, weird) Kumba, and Scorpion. Our favorite ride was Montu- one of the tallest and longest inverted roller coasters in the world. It is awesome! We went on that ride a number of times.
Chris and me right after we got soaked on Tanganyika Tidal Wave

After Busch Gardens we went to Moe's. If anyone has been around Chris for more than a few hours, you've heard him say "Welcome to MOE'S!"..anyway, thats what the servers yell as you walk through the doors. Chris loves Moe's, and for good reason, they are really really good. We both got a Homewrecker burrito, chips, and a drink for $5.55. I had a really good time today. Thanks Chris.

18 November 2007

St. Petersburg Beach

Chris and I visited St. Petersburg Beach while I was here in Florida. (Yes Mom, I got you dirt.) It was beautiful. I L.O.V.E the ocean and the beach. It's so calming. Chris and I have been coast to coast (almost) together between San Diego and here. Go us go!

Gary Our Gecko

So my first morning in Tampa I was looking out the window and saw a cute little gecko on Chris' balcony. I was kind of excited because well, we don't have geckos on our balconies in Utah. So I named him Gary. There are lots of Gary's in Florida, I've seen a few squirrels too. Here's Gary, isn't he cute?

17 November 2007

Tampa wins...Again

Chris and I went to the South Region Volleyball Championship tonight, Tampa vs. Florida Southern. Tampa won again, 3-0, weird. They now move on to the national championship. It was a lot of fun. Afterward, we went to International Plaza, it's HUGE! We did some window shopping, as most of the stores were closing when we got there. Afterward we picked up dessert at Cheesecake Factory. Tomorrow we're going to Busch Gardens! YAY! I'm excited :)

Inside looking out

Chris has a cool view from his bedroom window. There is a little tree right outside. I wonder how many people that tree has seen live in this apartment and the one below. Currently, the tree has one strand of Christmas lights around the trunk, which I have yet to be seen lit. I wonder if they are there year round or if someone just recently put them up. Anyway, I'm having a great time in Tampa and will post more soon. Here's a picture from the inside looking out and one with the lights.

P.S. I can cross off "Kiss on a bridge" from my Life list of things to do. :)

15 November 2007

My Life List of Things To Do

I'm a list person. I L.O.V.E making lists! I have lists of Things I Love, Things I Hate, DVDs I own, ones I want to get so on a so forth. Many years ago I decided to create a list of things I wanted to do before I die. My list is always expanding and I've been able to accomplish a few things (3 in one month!). Some of the tasks on my Life list are big and will take a lifetime to accomplish, others are pretty simple. It really makes me happy when I can cross things off! Below is my list.

 Fly first class
 Ride in a submarine
 Name a star
√ Eat pineapple in Hawaii
 Fall head over heals in love
√ Ride in a train
 Visit New York
 Further my education
√ Kiss on a bridge
 Go surfing
√ Build-A-Bear
√ Get a tattoo
 1000 DVDs
 Go to a World Series game
 Visit the big sycamore tree in Indiana
√ Ride in the Tea Cups
√ Go to the end of a rainbow
 See the Northern Lights
 Visit the Statue of Liberty
√ Buy something on eBay
 Attend a taping of The Price is Right
 Go to the top of a lighthouse
√ Ride in a hot air balloon
 Go to the Opera
 Attend Mardi Gras
 Attend the Sundance Film Festival
 Attend the Shakespearean Festival
 See the Golden Gate Bridge
 See Wayne Newton
 Indianapolis 500
 Eat at an Gordon Ramsay
 See a space shuttle launch
 Learn to ride a motorcycle

13 November 2007

Warm weather here I come!

I am going to visit Chris in Tampa tomorrow! I'm so excited I could pee my pants! I haven't seen him in six long weeks. I just looked at the weather report and it looks like its going to be really nice!

I can't wait to get out of the cold Utah fall weather and back into summertime conditions. I L.O.V.E summer and could definitely get used to living in 75 degree temperatures October-April. I'll do a few posts with pictures while I'm there to keep everyone updated.

09 November 2007


Jayni tagged me....soo here goes.

1: Best thing you cooked last week:
-Haha. Get real. I don't cook at my house when there is exceptionally good food being made at my parents house 1 mile away.

2: If money and time were no object, where would you go and with whom?
- I would travel the world! Experience everything I could. I'd also work on accomplishing everything on my "Things To Do Before I Die" list. I'll do a post one day soon with that list.

3: Last time you cried:
-Last week. I had a crappy week.

4: 5 Things you were doing 10 years ago:
1. I started Young Womens.
2. I was starting to dance, I had just quit gymnastics.
3. Babysitting - me too J!!
4. Honestly, I can't think of any more haha

5: 5 things you did today, or will do today:
1. Went to work
2. Ate food
3. Posted a blog :P
4. Go see Fred Clause
5. Hang out with my sister and her fiance

6: 5 favorite snacks:
1. Ice Cream!!!
2. Red Hots
3. Popcorn
4. Pop Rocks
5. Doritos and cottage cheese

7: 5 bad habits:
1. Twisting my hair
2. Drinking Coke-- but I'm doing well at quiting. Go me go.
3. Driving and texting
4. Driving and finding songs on my iPod
5. Swearing

8: 5 favorite foods
1. Chicken Cordon Blue w/Hollandaise sauce
2. Cafe Rio
3. Dad's pasta salad
4. Steak
5. BBQ

9: 5 places you've been:
1. Oahu, HA- High school graduation gift
2. Catalina Island, CA- Family cruise
3. Boston, MA- eBay Live (work trade show)
4. Las Vegas, NV- been there a 100 times and never get tired of it.
5. Great Falls, MT - went for 1 day for a baseball game. Game was amazing, Great Falls a bit boring!

10: Favorite Memory:
1. Vacations with my family and summertime

11: 5 People I tag:
1. Alia Jensen
2. Jake Sabey
3. Mikal Belicove
4. Kade Applegate
5. ummm thats all Im going to tag

08 November 2007

Random Photos

Doba Day 2007

Oct 19- Doba Day! Doba Day this year was tuned down a bit compared to last year. Jayni and I spent a few hours the day before making signs, hanging balloons, and streamers. The girls Ashlee T, Ashley S, Jayni, Ruth Ann, Jill, Crissi, and I went as Team Doba football players.

It was a really fun day! There was lots of craziness. Sidwell came as a punk rocker and was awarded the Doba Day Champion. Wes was the Doba Priest and everyone was blessed with green water. We played Jer pool and ate green pizza! Im excited to see what the next Doba Day brings.

San Diego

Warning: This is going to be a long post because I'm recapping a whole week! Chris and I spent a week in San Diego at the end of September. It was an amazing trip! We flew out from Salt Lake (Chris met me in SLC from Tampa) on a Wednesday night and checked into our hotel room at the Hilton Garden Inn Rancho Bernardo. The hotel was great. We arrived pretty late the first night so we didn't have a chance to do anything but go to sleep. The next day we visited the Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego.

It was really cool and had great shopping. We climbed the stairs (100, yes we counted) to the top of the Convention center and they were well worth it because the view was amazing.

Friday, we went to Sea World, where I got SOAKED within the first 2 hours of us being there. Chris stayed dry most of the day. It's amazing what they can train animals to do! The penguins , dolphins, turtles, and polar bears were our favorites. We also went on Journey to Atlantis 6 times!

Saturday we drove north about an hour to Mission Viejo where we visited Chris' family friends, the Torretos. They were great. They took us to Laguna where we had lunch and walked along the beach. It was a gorgeous day.

Sunday Chris went to the wedding while I stayed at the hotel and worked on cool little travel journal of our trip. Chris had fun at the wedding and he took me to dinner afterwards.

Monday we returned to Gaslamp and did a little more shopping. We also spent that evening watching the National League Tie-Breaker game between the San Diego Padres and the Colorado Rockies on the jumbo-tron outside of Petco Park. It was soo cool! We loved it! It was a great game, but unfortunately, the Padres lost.

We flew out the next morning, Chris to New York to visit his family and I back to Salt Lake. The trip was amazing, I hope we can return soon. I'm so happy I could spend the week with Chris, it was perfect! Thanks Chris.

First Post

Hi! This is my first post so I'm still trying to figure stuff out. Hopefully I'll have lots of insightful things to say in future posts. Check back soon!

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