21 November 2007

Bang Bang Shrimp

Chris took me to BoneFish Grill last night for dinner. We had Bang Bang Shrimp and OH MY GGA (ha ha Holli). It was SOO amazing. Oh my goodness it tasted so good. If you ever go there you have to get that appetizer. I had the Shrimp Fettuccini- yum! It was appropriately named SHRIMP fettuccini, because it had more shrimp and tomatoes and stuff than the pasta. I loved it! Most places it’s fettuccini and something and they give you like ½ a chicken breast cut up into 5 pieces, that’s no beuno. This was mucho beuno. Anyway, dinner was amazing. My trip to Tampa was perfect. I missed Chris so much, I’m so happy I could spend some time with him. He’s coming out to Utah soon, so let the countdown begin.

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