09 November 2007


Jayni tagged me....soo here goes.

1: Best thing you cooked last week:
-Haha. Get real. I don't cook at my house when there is exceptionally good food being made at my parents house 1 mile away.

2: If money and time were no object, where would you go and with whom?
- I would travel the world! Experience everything I could. I'd also work on accomplishing everything on my "Things To Do Before I Die" list. I'll do a post one day soon with that list.

3: Last time you cried:
-Last week. I had a crappy week.

4: 5 Things you were doing 10 years ago:
1. I started Young Womens.
2. I was starting to dance, I had just quit gymnastics.
3. Babysitting - me too J!!
4. Honestly, I can't think of any more haha

5: 5 things you did today, or will do today:
1. Went to work
2. Ate food
3. Posted a blog :P
4. Go see Fred Clause
5. Hang out with my sister and her fiance

6: 5 favorite snacks:
1. Ice Cream!!!
2. Red Hots
3. Popcorn
4. Pop Rocks
5. Doritos and cottage cheese

7: 5 bad habits:
1. Twisting my hair
2. Drinking Coke-- but I'm doing well at quiting. Go me go.
3. Driving and texting
4. Driving and finding songs on my iPod
5. Swearing

8: 5 favorite foods
1. Chicken Cordon Blue w/Hollandaise sauce
2. Cafe Rio
3. Dad's pasta salad
4. Steak
5. BBQ

9: 5 places you've been:
1. Oahu, HA- High school graduation gift
2. Catalina Island, CA- Family cruise
3. Boston, MA- eBay Live (work trade show)
4. Las Vegas, NV- been there a 100 times and never get tired of it.
5. Great Falls, MT - went for 1 day for a baseball game. Game was amazing, Great Falls a bit boring!

10: Favorite Memory:
1. Vacations with my family and summertime

11: 5 People I tag:
1. Alia Jensen
2. Jake Sabey
3. Mikal Belicove
4. Kade Applegate
5. ummm thats all Im going to tag


Ben & Jayni said...

my laws I didn't know you liked Doritos and cottage cheese. THat is like one of my favorites. My family LOVES that snack. hahah I love that you like it too. Everyone usually vomits when they see us eating it.

Amy said...

Doritos and cottage cheese at the same time? Like a dip, or something? Interesting, very interesting.

Meagen said...

Yeah like chips and salsa, only Doritos and cottage cheese. Its really good, but only with the nacho cheese kind.

linds said...

Im so glad we are blog buddies now! Seeing you decked in green made me sad. I can't believe a year has already passed. Also, I love that you are reading the vampire books. They are AMAZING!

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