15 November 2007

My Life List of Things To Do

I'm a list person. I L.O.V.E making lists! I have lists of Things I Love, Things I Hate, DVDs I own, ones I want to get so on a so forth. Many years ago I decided to create a list of things I wanted to do before I die. My list is always expanding and I've been able to accomplish a few things (3 in one month!). Some of the tasks on my Life list are big and will take a lifetime to accomplish, others are pretty simple. It really makes me happy when I can cross things off! Below is my list.

 Fly first class
 Ride in a submarine
 Name a star
√ Eat pineapple in Hawaii
 Fall head over heals in love
√ Ride in a train
 Visit New York
 Further my education
√ Kiss on a bridge
 Go surfing
√ Build-A-Bear
√ Get a tattoo
 1000 DVDs
 Go to a World Series game
 Visit the big sycamore tree in Indiana
√ Ride in the Tea Cups
√ Go to the end of a rainbow
 See the Northern Lights
 Visit the Statue of Liberty
√ Buy something on eBay
 Attend a taping of The Price is Right
 Go to the top of a lighthouse
√ Ride in a hot air balloon
 Go to the Opera
 Attend Mardi Gras
 Attend the Sundance Film Festival
 Attend the Shakespearean Festival
 See the Golden Gate Bridge
 See Wayne Newton
 Indianapolis 500
 Eat at an Gordon Ramsay
 See a space shuttle launch
 Learn to ride a motorcycle

1 comment:

Sell Family said...

Freakin' awesome list! I didn't know if I should put some small stuff on there...but now looking at it...I'm totally going to!! You have some great ideas! AAaaah, I'm so excited to get started on my list!

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