28 November 2007

Trans Siberian Orchestra

So we (my family and I) jumped into the Doba truck last night and headed up to SLC for Trans Siberian Orchestra. I was so excited that it was finally here I almost peed my pants! YAY! Anyway, so we are driving up for the concert and its snowing the entire way. Boo. I hate driving in the snow; it's slickery and you can't see the lines for the lanes, no beuno. Much to my surprise the traffic wasn't too bad and we made it to the E Center right at 7pm - show starts at 7:30pm. We parked the truck and walked up the stairs to the doors. Mean while, Moe and Dad are asking "Why aren't there any other cars in the lot?" "I don't see any workers inside." We get to the doors and try to go in. The doors are locked. Madi and Holli look at the tickets and point out that I'd taken us to the wrong venue! We were supposed to be at the Energy Solutions Arena! Ooops!! My bad. Apparently, I thought that the E Center was the Engergy Solutions Arena, and according to my family I will never live this mix up down. So we got back in the truck, Dad played navigator and we eventually got to the Energy Solutions Arena. Lucky for us the concert started a few minutes late so we didn't miss anything.

We had pretty good floor seats, middle section, 19th row. Except for the crazy guy in the Santa hat that gave every song a standing ovation in the row in front of us. And the lady sitting directly in front of me who decided it would be a good idea to poof and rat her hair as big as she possibly could and then attend a concert where the floor does not have stadium seating. I could smell her hairspray. I seriously thought her hair might catch on fire when they have the big flames at the end.

ANYWAY, all in all the show was AMAZING! TSO puts on the greatest show! They had new lights this year, and they were really good. The remainder of the show was the same and it was just as good as ever! I LOVE TSO! This was my 2nd time attending and the 1st for everyone else. We took a few pictures before we left, unfortunately, Madi didn't get into any of them because she was primping. We had a fun night and I'm glad everyone enjoyed the concert. Here are some cute pictures of us.

Holli & Jesse

Me & Dad

Mom & Dad

Holli & Dad

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