02 February 2008

Things that must go...again

A few more things that need to go-
  • Taxes
  • Headaches
  • People who drive diesel trucks and leave them running while in the drive through lane at the bank or at fast food places. They are TOO loud. No one can hear the tellers talking!
  • Winter
  • Waking up in the middle of the night because it's too hot
  • The knitting book that did not teach me how to knit
  • The water/liquid that's been in my ear since October and I've been to the doctor for it at least 3 times
  • The lady at Target who bought her kid a pair of shoes and then proceeded to put them on her shoe-less child right in the middle of the check stand isle. Um...hello, the 4 people in line behind you would like to buy their stuff and leave the store..MOVE.
  • On the same note, all the women who like to put their wallets and purses all back in order at the check stand after they have completed their transactions..Keep the line moving girls!
  • The stupid groundhog that didn't see his shadow.
  • People who put 3 different bumper stickers on their cars supporting a political candidate. WE GET IT. You support Mitt Romney. One sticker would have been more than enough.
  • Bumper stickers
The last time I did this list there were a few people who thought I was being Negative-Ned. So, I'm adding a list of things that must stay this time.

Things that must stay-
  • My Grey's Anatomy valentine's - if you are a fellow Grey's addict, I will send you one, because only you would truly appreciate them. Ha.
  • My new green purse
  • Chris
  • Dove Promises
  • Wii - I dominate Tiger Woods Golf...basically I AM Tiger.
  • Netflix
  • Tanning beds
  • Shutterfly
  • My Family
  • The heater in my Jeep
  • The camera on my phone. It's ONLY good feature btw.

1 comment:

Ben & Jayni said...

Ha-ha. You are funny and your lists make me laugh. You know what I think needs to go... Crocs!!! I think they are rotten and want to throw up when people wear them... Mostly anyone over the age of 2!! Sorry to anyone that wears them..

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