28 May 2009

Proactive For Sale

Hi guys. I am selling the above bottles of Proactive Revitalizing Toner and Proactive Repairing Lotion. I only use the face wash that I get every 6-8 weeks so these just end up sitting under my sink. If anyone is interested let me know. I'm selling them for $5 a bottle, which is a steal of a deal since they retail at about $13. I have 7 bottles of the lotion and 4 bottles of the toner. Send me an email (tanyabunsoff at gmail) or call/text me if you know my number and we can work it out! Thanks!

1 comment:

Joanne said...


would u post to uk?and if so how much for the bottles ofrepairing lotion including postage,

many thnks
email address joannesharman@aol.com

and also could i pay with paypal?

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