21 April 2009


Two posts in one day, annoying, I know. But I was folding some clothes in my bedroom tonight and Tonk was on the bed sniffing around the corner by the wall. It was weird so I went over to see what he was looking at. AHH! A big, black, hairy spider!!! So I quickly grabbed a flip flop to squish him and he ran away! :( So I stripped off all the bedding, moved the mattresses and I still couldn't find him! If it had been one of those yellow spiders I probably wouldn't have cared. But what if it was a black widow!? He could bite me in my sleep and I may not wake up!

This is not good. I have sleeping issues, and I will not get any sleep if I think there is a spider roaming around in my bed. So I moved my memory foam and bedding to the living room and Tonk and I have set up camp on the sofa sleeper for the night. I guess I'll have to stay in the living room until I can find the spider. Or someone comes over and takes care of it for me!!

Our temporary bed
I don't see any spiders now, Mom


The Angry Georgian said...

Thanks a lot. I'm going to have to check my bed tonight.

-nickk and whitleyy- said...

ohmagosh. no. jayni isn't related to him NICK IS! it's nick's uncle and ughh... he's suuuch a creeper. i'm totally serious. and the other day jayni was just telling me that he was all up in her personal bubble haha.. he's just like that! it's so terrible.

Fish Nat!on said...

Well. If you are bitten in your sleep by a black widow, you will certainly wake up. Because it hurts like hell.

Secondly, you won't NOT wake up, because black widow bites don't really kill you. They just HURT LIKE HELL.

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