25 October 2009

Good Mojo

Hmm..Well this weekend started off with some poetic justice through the mail. Friday, my unemployment was approved, which is a huge relief off of my mind. I will have some (albeit very small) amount of income coming in weekly and with a little help I am going to be able to stay in my apartment and on my feet for the foreseeable future. AWESOME news.

I am so grateful that my claim was approved, it was such a huge relief, I can't even explain. I am even more grateful to finally be able to make headway with what I want to do from here. I am going to be able to make Nov rent and get back on my feet financially. While on unemployment, I can make up to 30% of my weekly earnings in addition to and still earn the full unemployment benefit amount, so that means I can go get a part time job doing something to fill in the gap until I find a much more permanent occupation. So that is the plan for right now. Find part time employment to fill in gaps and pay off bills that have stacked up over the last month. As far as progress there, I applied for two clerical type jobs this evening, one of which has the potential to be more than a part time gig. I am also open to doing anything else really, I wouldn't mind cashiering at a craft store or even like stocking shelves at Target or wherever during the evenings. Just something part time that allows me the time to interview for more permanent jobs, and go to doctors appointments to figure out my continuing ears and knee issue. So if anyone hears of anything let me know.

On the cash front, I am still selling my iMac ($650), enV cell phone ($75), and iPod Classic with accessories ($100). Please leave a comment or email me if you are interested. I've linked the items with pictures in past posts or you can see all of them on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/meagenridley.

With that good news brightening my outlook, I think I may do something a little crazy. No, I'm not getting a 2nd tattoo (but that may be a good idea, I know what/where I want it and I'm in sort of a transitional phase right now....) Anyway! Nov 1st I am putting up my Christmas tree and all my decorations! I went shopping with my Mom today and we went though all the Christmas sections and I just really got into the spirit. I just rearranged my living room and I have the perfect spot for it. And I have all this free time on my hands...I just want to put them out! Screw the day after Thanksgiving. Mine are going up November 1 baby! Woo!

While I'm updating - I started the book Escape by Carolyn Jessop. It's the story of the woman that escaped the FLDS church. Wow. The book is incredible. It's crazy that people seriously live the lives she did. It's a very interesting read and I am thinking I will finish it quickly. It will definitely get a book review on my blog once I'm finished - so look forward to that.

On the book front, don't forget to become a follower of my blog so you can be entered to win this giveaway! The giveaway ends Oct 29th so don't forget! Just become a follower and then leave me a comment on that post! My goal is to get to 100 followers before the end of the year so spread the word! Have a happy Sunday everyone. I know I will, John, my Mom and Dad are making pot roast and potatoes for dinner. I'm pretty excited, I've been crazing it since you FB about it a few days ago! Woo! Also, Mom I'm making the deviled eggs (as I type this actually, so I'll be there at 4PM with them. I don't know if Holli will be there or not, she hasn't felt well the passed few days.)


John Pender said...

I want 100 followers too!
Glad you got approved. What a relief that must be! And I like the fact you can still get it while working part time.

John Pender said...

And to answer your question from a few posts back:
I found your mom's blog first, then started stalking you.
Remember this post?

Brenda said...

I do! I do! And yes, you were the inspiration for the pot roast too! :) thak you bloggy friend. It's been a lot of fun getting to know you, and your insight on things. UH mazing what the internet can bring you!

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

I put up my Christmas tree last year before Halloween, and it was the BEST Christmas EVER! I plan to do it early again this year, but I haven't had a good health day that has provided me with such motivation. =)

jayni & ben said...

I am sooo happy it went through. You can breath again. I want to put my Christmas tree up. I love Halloween but Thanksgiving and Christmas are even better. Love the smells, being around family, the Christmas music in all the stores and everything else ya get with those holidays.

Meagen said...

I don't know why, I am just so excited about Christmas this year. It's weird, I will have zero money for gifts, and I don't know if Madi will be able to make it up here for it, but i'm just so excited for the season!

Put all your stuff up on Nov 1 like me!

Meagen said...
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