13 October 2009

Cell Phono Problemo

I am unemployed. So much of my time is spent lying in my bed with my laptop and dog searching for potential jobs online. Yet I have the same problem every single day. I loose my phone in the blankets and pillows and sheets. Seriously. It's the most annoying thing! I have to move the laptop and then disturb the sleeping dog and rustle around looking for my phone just so I can text my friend something stupid like "come play with me at lunch!" Ha ha! I need to come up with some system to not lose my phone in bed. Maybe I'll velcro it to my headboard? Or get one of those belt clip things but somehow clip it to the headboard. I'm not sure, but I am sick of loosing my effing phone all the time!
I could solve this problem easily if I still had my iPhone, I could just use that "Where's my phone app". But no, my former employer HAD to take that back when they fired me. Even though every other employee that has been let go or left on their own accord has been able to just keep their phone and put it into a contract in their own name. Everyone accept for me. What a joke. Part of me was glad they took the phone back, I no longer was forced to stay with AT&T. I hate them and you can read about why here. So that day (and mind you I only had 1 day to choose a new phone/provider) I went to T-Mobile to see what cool phones/plans they offered. I did as much research and talking with sales associates as I could and ended up going with the newest Google phone, the myTouch. I like it a lot so far. I've not dropped any calls (which is something I did on a daily basis with AT&T) and I can do everything on it I could with the iPhone. I love that it is smaller and lighter than the iPhone too. The text screen isn't as sensitive as I'd like, but I'm getting used to it. I am waiting for the iPhone/AT&T contract to end then I'll probably pick another up on a new service. Anyway, what cool phones do you all have?


John Pender said...

I have the T-Mobile Shadow and their @Home VOIP phone service. Love it so much and it saves me tons of money.

Brady Love said...

There is an app like that for Android (MyTouch's OS) too. Can't remember what its called but if I remember I will let you know.

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