22 October 2009


I saw Thriller for the first time ever last night with Holli, Rachelle, and Whitley. It was such a fun (much needed) night! We drove up to Kingsbury Hall and unfortunately Whitley and I missed the first act (because we had to pee - damn our small bladders), but the rest of the show was amazing! It totally got me into the Halloween spirit, and I don't even like Halloween. It also made me miss dancing soo much. Everyone go see it, it plays until the 31st and tickets are $20-$40 depending on your seats. After the show was over we went to iHop for some food and it was great to just sit and have a night out with some girls. Thanks for going girls, I had fun! See you in a few weeks at the Avon party, right?

1 comment:

jayni & ben said...

I want to go to this so bad. I have heard alot of good things about it. You girls are all so cute!

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