23 March 2009


I have started tanning regularly again and it brings me soo much happiness. It's been so long since I was at my normal color. The last time I went tanning was probably last August. But after this week I will be the same shade as last summer. I love getting in the shower and seeing how dark my legs are and how my face has some color to it again. AH! Greatest.feeling.ever. And I'll take the top off the jeep soon and my face and arms will get some serious sun. OH it will be wonderful! 


Anonymous said...

I miss my Jeep. :(
I tried the tanning bed at the gym a few times last year to see if I could get rid of my farmer's tan, but it didn't work. Guess I should have gone more often. I've just got this fear of the glass breaking beneath me.

Jc and Alissa said...

I started last month...nothing is better than a nice tan!

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