17 September 2009

Summer of 2009

It has been a little rainy the last few days and as I was walking from my car to my house I smelled it, fall. Fall is in the air and it makes me quiet sad. While this summer was low on my list of favorite ones, it was still summer. And a sucky summer is better than the best fall or winter. So here's a little picture recap of memorable events.

1. Blue Bunny Birthday Cake Ice Cream 2. Otterpops 3. Walmart Cheesecake 4. Frazil

1. UV Thunder Game 2. Salt Lake City Bees Game 3. Orem Owlz 4. Orem Owlz Season Ticket book


1.Fruit Stripe Beanie 2.Blueberry tube scarf 3.Rock magnets 4.Wood frame

1.Balloons in the Jeep 2.Angels hat 3.Work pool party 4.77,777 miles on the Jeep


Kings said...

this was way cute! You had a good summer! But i couldn't be more excited for fall!!! Fall time has the best clothes. lol

Morgan and Sunni said...

I like your new layout.. VERY CUTE!! I am so sick of my blog. Morgan told me the other day that it should just be titled SUNNI because he doesn't ever do anything with it. I am seriously considering.

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