14 September 2009

I feel weird 2.0

I feel weird again. I have since yesterday. I feel like something bad happened or is happening or going to happen. I don't know, I have been having some really strange dreams this weekend too. It's just hard to explain. I feel like I'm in my own head and I can't get out or something. I keep rethinking the last two years and double guessing things. But they've all already happened, so what is the point? What is bringing on all of these thoughts? Maybe it's the prednisone, I went through this a little on the first round. I have six more days on it and I just want to be finished. Maybe it's my looming 25th birthday? Speaking of I know you are all going crazy trying to find me that perfect gift, so I'll make it easy on you. Here's what I want.

Tanning pass (Radiance Sun Studios is where I go)
An external hard drive (nerd alert! But seriously I need one)
The door handle on my Jeep fixed
A big fuzzy bath robe


John Pender said...

The Crest White Strips have me baffled.
On your Jeep: the inside door handle? When mine broke way back when, I replaced it with the old drive belt from under the hood. I'll see if I can't find a picture.

rraver said...

Relax, things will be fine, your going to have an awesome weekend coming up, and you'll get your crest white strips, tanning pass, and everything else. I like the bath robe thing, I got one of those for my last birthday. Everything will work itself out.

StuTheWise said...

When I was in the hospital, completely high on drugs, the days of the week did not happen in order. And I'm saying this with dead seriousness.

My perception was that it was Monday, then Wednesday (and I would think that I just forgot what happened on Tuesday, since my memory was really bad while on the drugs), then it would be Tuesday. And I swear to you, I could remember Wednesday even though it wasn't until the next day. Then it would be Thursday.

So... time is relative, but only while high? I don't know. I guess what I'm saying is that being on drugs tends to mess with you. Get well!

Meagen said...

John - What's wrong with wanting white strips? I use them a few times a year and they are awesome! They make your teeth sparkly white. But they are pricey, $25 a box, so that's why I'd like them for my birthday. :) And it's the inside handle on the drivers side. There is a little plastic thing inside the mechanism that cracks, and I've had to replace it twice already. It's $65 to have done, so I've just been rolling down the window and opening the door with the outside handle. And that is annoying especially when it rains since my arm gets all wet.

Stu - yeah the side effects on this prednisone suck. They really mess everything up. But it really helps my inner ear, so I have to finish the set. That's crazy that they made you think it was a different day. What were you on? Was it during your accident?

Stu the High said...

Yep, it was during the highest two weeks of my life after my motorcycle accident. I was on tons of morphine, and long before that even had a chance to wear off, they put me on another pain killer, though I have no idea what it was. After about a week of that, they put me on Oxycontin.

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