29 September 2009

I'm so sad.

I probably should have known as the clock got closer and closer to midnight, but I didn't. I got stood up tonight. Well not stood up I guess, just canceled on. But stood-up/canceled on, either way my feelings were hurt. I was supposed to go get some food (waffles - I need them like air, I am on round 4 of Prednisone and this time round I need waffles like they are going out of style. Everyday. I love them.) and watch Prison Break with my long lost friend, but he canceled on me. He works his tail off at two jobs and Monday's are rough so I understand and we were out VERY late last night, but STILL I was soo excited to hang out him. I was so excited I even put up a FB status about how much I was looking forward to. I went tanning and showered, and even shaved my legs. I picked out a cute outfit and was all ready to go and then he canceled on me. :( I'm totally bummed out right now. Boo.
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