07 September 2009

Labor Day

I got everything done on my Labor Day to do list! Go me go. Both bathrooms are sparkly clean! I mean S.P.A.R.K.L.Y. I scoured the tubs, washed the rugs, and mopped the floors. I love a clean bathroom. I didn't take Tonka to the park, but we did go on a long walk first thing this morning. I went tanning then came home and rearranged my bedroom. I tweaked my already tweaked back while moving my enormous bed and dresser, which sucks, not to mention how it didn't help my shoulder. But I got in the tub and I've been switching ice and heat since it happened and I think I'll be alright. I don't know how long I'll keep my room this way, it's not a cute as it was before (it's actually a little awkward), but my bed is directly under the air vent now, which I love.

Tonka's barking has gotten out of control. If another dog barks, he runs around the house and barks back. If someone knocks on another apartment door, he runs to the door and barks. If he hears a dog fart in the courtyard, he runs to the window and BARKS! Ugh! So I got out the squirt bottle and he gets sprayed whenever he starts up. Towards the end of the day he seems to be getting the concept, but now it's time for bed and he won't get in. He's just sitting on the floor. I think he's mad at me. Ha ha, oh well. Stop barking and I won't have to spray you! Anyway, I know that was a rant and no one really cares, so I'm finished. Sleep well everyone.


-nickk and whitleyy- said...

i care.. shoot i wish i had the energy to SPARKLY clean my house AND rearrange my bedroom. haha...go you!

Jessa said...

I'm going to let you steal my "List" if you'll let me steal the code for a 3-column blog. I, too, have been dying for one and can't figure it. I also have been trying to change my blog, spice it up a bit, and have finally given up. Hence the whiteness that has decended on mine and never left. Ok let me know. If you want, you can email me any tips you may have. jessathefashionista@gmail.com

oh and I'm still job hunting. if you hear anything, let me know. You're the best!!!!!

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