16 August 2009

Picture-post recap

I just spend 20 minutes typing up a post to recap everything since my internet went down, but it was the most boring thing I've ever read, so I deleted it. So I'm just going to post pictures with explanations. Happy Sunday.
I updated Yogoz Boutique with new beanies and a tube scarf.
Everyone go buy some for Fall!

I bought a Crockpot from work for $10

I have an Otter pop shelf now and it's wonderful.

I made my Dad's pasta salad and it was delish!

I took the leftovers to my Mom's work party. Along with Tonka.
Check out Hoe in the background with her Sidekick.

I'm about 100 pages in to The Time Traveler's Wife and I like it so far.
After TTW, I'll attempt to finish Breaking Dawn.

My parentals just brought me this care package because I have a headache. They are the best!


John Pender said...

1. I love my crock pot.
2. Otter pop shelf - you're such a kid.
3. That pasta looks delish. Do I see green peppers and sliced baby tomatoes.?
4. Hoe - typical teenage text freak. But she rocks. I don't know why. But if she's anything like you and your mom, she rocks.
5. Tonk looks like a little pharaoh sitting atop Mt. Ass.
6. The last pic of Tonk on Holli's legs reminds me of my sister's chihuahua. If I lay on my stomach, she'll run up and down my back. Kinda tickles because she's so small and light.

Have a nice day, Miss Awesome!

John Pender said...

And go check out my latest post. :)

Morgan and Sunni said...

ha!!! I have yet to finish breaking dawn... pretty sure I want to kill myself!

Scott, Romney, and Jocelyn said...

Meagen...so I was looking at your blog at work and my friend here saw it and asked me a little about you. She said she has this guy that she thinks would be perfect for you. How do you feel about being set up? (P.S. I saw a picture and he's pretty dang hot) just email me and let me know!

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