22 August 2009

School Supplies Drive

There's something magical about a box of crayons! And Doba and it's employees are donating over 500 of them to Geneva Elementary! We put together a school supplies drive for our community service project this year and it went really well. Employees brought in supplies for over 3 weeks and at the end of the drive a few people made cash donations which Doba matched dollar for dollar. I headed to Walmart with over $500 and bought more supplies. Monday I'll take everything to the elementary school. Check out all this stuff!
500+ boxes of crayons

300+ glue sticks

300+ spiral notebooks

150 pocket folders, 750 pencils, 75 scissors, 500 erasers, 100 rulers, 250 pens

100 colored pencils, 60 markers

This is the cool sign I made to track our progress.
We used gold stars to represent each item donated!


Brenda said...


John Pender said...

You're awesome, Miss Ridley!

Shantell said...

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Ryan & Rachelle said...

Way to go Meagen! You are so awesome for planning this and keeping the motivation up for everyone. I hope we have more drives coming!!!

Jc and Alissa said...

Yay, Meagen! Schools and school teachers appreciate these efforts more than you will ever know.

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