15 August 2012

#6 - My Morning Routine -Fighting with the Garage Door

Challenge prompt: Write about your morning routine. 

Okay. Well, first it starts with the alarm clock at 6AM. Which SUCKS. I snooze for about 30 minutes. During this time, Tonka decides that he wants to be the cutest dog on planet Earth and sneaks up under my arm and rests his head on the pillow. It's very difficult to get out of bed with a cuddly dog that cute. After I drag my butt out of bed I jump in the shower. Next, I put on my makeup and do my hair with a variety of these 27 products. I've significantly reduced that number since that post. After hair and makeup I get dressed and head to work. Pretty typical routine for most people I think.

Except for this: my morning argument with the garage door. I HATE my garage door. I leave for work about 7:45AM and my house faces North. The glorious sun is shining just over the mountains to the East. This wonderful sun creates a glare that hits EXACTLY where the sensor on the garage door is. This pisses the sensor off and makes it think a little child is standing under the door. So it refuses to close. So every morning I have to back the car out, get out, walk through the garage and hold the closer thing down until the door comes all the way down. I then walk through the house and go out the front door. This is the most annoying thing I do all day. Pisses. Me. Off. But then I found a trick. If I move the garbage can sitting outside the garage door to a super special spot it shades the sensor and I am able to close the door with the opener in the car. You guys didn't know I was a genius.

I want to save my blog from extinction. So I'm doing a 30 day challenge. I'll answer one of these prompts each day.
See prompt 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

“…my morning argument with the garage door.” – That must be some argument! Were you able to solve this issue? Well, I would suggest that you talk to your contractor about this problem. An unstable or dysfunctional garage door can pose a security problem to your property. Ask your contractor what should be done to resolve this problem. If possible, ask for a repair or replacement. [Roxie Magnus]

Sharron Folkes said...

Roxie here has a good point. You might have security problems when the garbage can is moved while you’re not around. Your contractors know what to do, and I know that this will be for the better. I believe you don’t want to have a bad start to your day before going to work. Make peace with your garage door, Meagan. Stop arguing with it, haha! Seriously, though. You should have it fixed soon. :)

-- Sharron Folkes

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