10 August 2012

#1 - My Favorite Part of the Day

Challenge prompt: What is your favorite part of the day and why?

Lunch is my favorite part of the day for a couple of reasons. One, I get an hour break from work. Two, I like eating lunch. And three, Phase 10. Everyday, four of my coworkers and I gather in a conference room and eat lunch together. Once we're finished eating we break out the Phase 10 cards and let out some frustrations. We keep track of everyones phases and points. With only about 45 minutes to play each day it ends up taking us 3-4 days to finish one game and since we love it so much, we added 10 more phases to make it Phase 20.  It's become one of my favorite card games and has been a great way to get to know my coworkers better.

I want to save my blog from extinction. So I am doing a 30 day challenge. I'll answer one of these prompts each day. Thanks for reading!

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