11 August 2012

#2 - The Last Movie I Saw - Ted

Challenge prompt: What was the last movie you saw in the theaters?

The last movie I saw in the theaters was Ted. I went with Holli and it was hilarious! We were the only people in the theater so I think that made it even funnier. I love me some Mark Wahlburg! Ted had a few parts that were a little stupid, but I laughed my ass off most of the movie.

We've watched a handful of new movies since she's been here. It's nice to have a movie buddy. We also saw Magic Mike in the theater the day before going to Ted. Magic Mike was realllly good. The dancing in it was amazing! We rented 21 Jump Street (hilarious), Friends With Kids (good until the end), Man On A Ledge (suspensful) and Wanderlust (haven't watched yet) from Red Box.

I want to save my blog from extinction. So I'm doing a 30 day challenge. I'll answer one of these prompts each day.
See prompt: 1
Thanks for reading!


Amy said...

Yeah,s Ericsson, want was up with the end of Friends with Kids? We hated it!

Amy said...

Ha! Autocorrect! That should have said, "Yeah, what was up with. . ."

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