25 August 2012

#12 and #13 - Someone I care about

Challenge prompt - Post a picture of something or someone that made your day special. Write about someone or something that you really care about.

I'm combining these two prompts because the answer is the same. TONKA! I love him so much it's disgusting. Seriously. I will never give him up for any reason, ever.

Tonka is a (almost) 4 year old dachshund. I thought he was a miniature when I bought him, he is not (obviously). He weighs about 25lbs.

Here's a few reasons I love him so much:
* He gets so excited when I come home a little pee comes out
* He loves tanning as much as I do. And he sits at the end of the lawn chair whenever I lay out.
Coolest dog shirt ever
* He howls.
* He bugs Marley to play alll day long.
*  He goes to bed at 9PM every night on the dot. Doesn't matter what I am doing. At 9 o'clock he is cuddled up under the blankets in my bed.
* He knows when I don't feel well and snuggles up next to me and will sit for hours.
* He loves eating ice cream. 
* He alerts me when something is out of the ordinary. Like when the ceiling was leaking. Or when  there was a spider
* He has no sense of boundaries and wants to give everyone kisses. 

He's my little buddy. He makes every day special and I always look forward to coming home to see him.
I want to save my blog from extinction. So I'm doing a 30 day challenge. I'll answer one of these prompts each day.
See prompt 12345678910, and 11.
Thanks for reading!

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