22 November 2009

A's to Your Q's

Yay! I'm so excited to have some response to my Q&A Post. Here are the answers to the first questions:

John Pender said...
1. Do you like me? If so, how much?
2. If I came to UTah to visit, what would we do?
3. Why don't you ever wear your hair in a simple ponytail?
4. Have you read any of my stories?
5. Can I have your iMac?
6. Can I have Tonka?

John, of course I like you! On a scale of 1-10, I think you're a 12. Aside from my family, I think you are one of my original blog followers and you always give great feedback. If you were to come to Utah for a visit, depending on the season, we'd probably spend some time at Sundance, maybe visit Temple Square, got to an Owlz game if they were in season, and if we had enough time we could go down to the Red Rocks. I wear my hair in a simple ponytail all the time. It's done that way in a couple of the photos on my sidebars. Truthfully, I have not read any of your stories. I know, I am a loser blog friend. You can have my iMac for the bargain price o $650+shipping/handling. Also, no you may not have Tonka. Even though he can be a little tool sometimes. I love him sooo much, I'll never give him up.

Andrea said...
Will you teach me how to knit so that I can make leg warmers, beanies and scarves for my step-kids? It's going to be a cheap Christmas this year and I have to cut costs wherever I can.

Andrea, I can teach you how to teach yourself to make each of those super fast! All of the knitted items you see on my blog and on Yogoz Boutique are made using Knifty Knitters. These are the best! Robert's Crafts has the best selection and you can use their 40% off coupons. They come with picture instructions and are very easy to follow. Your question has gotten me in the mood to get mine out and knit a tube scarf! Thanks!

Have you ever been in love?

Yes, I have been in love. He was intelligent, had big dreams, made me laugh, and I was happier than I ever thought possible with him. I honestly thought we were made for one another. Unfortunately, those feelings weren't reciprocated and he ended our relationship. Since then I have discovered he was not the person I thought he was and I probably dodged a bullet. That doesn't make me feel any better though I suppose it should. Maybe I'll meet someone that makes me happy soon. I'm not looking for a marriage right now, I just want someone to have fun with, someone dependable. However, even that seems to be just out of my reach lately.

The Stanley's said...
My question - How do you deal with stress?

I usually vent to my family, they are amazing listeners! My Dad always knows how to solve the problem. My sister, Holli, usually knows what I am going to say before I even have to say it, she just knows things. My Mom can always help me see the silver lining in bad situations, and my other sister Madi is always ready to kick whoevers ass needs kicking. And if none of them are available, you can say anything to the dogs (Tonka and Marley) and they just have a way of making things better with their kisses. Also, when I get really stressed out I like to sit in the tub and read. It's nice and quiet and you can forget about things while getting lost in someone else's story. And since I have a working tub for the first time in 3 years, I retreat there any chance I get.

Thanks for the questions friends! It was fun answering them and it gave me some ideas for future posts. If anyone else has questions you'd like me to answer just click here and leave them in the comments section!

1 comment:

John Pender said...

Damn, I'm a 12?
If you could move that decimal one place to the left, I could easily afford it. Gotta get my novel done and some more books sold so I can afford my iMac. I'm planning on doing audio and video editing - but I'm not telling what for until I actually get started doing it!
I would absolutely love Red Rocks! If we could camp there and explore for a few days straight so I could take my usual hundreds of pictures, that would be even gooder!
Ponytail - just asking because in all the recent pics I've seen of you, like in the past forever, you've got the same bump thing on top of your head like Jerry the Mouse bashed you with a frying pan (feel free to smack me, it's okay). From the ones I have seen, the ponytail and the hair straight down really fit you. ;)
No, you're not a loser blog friend. I still love ya.

But you really should go read my stuff. :p

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